Dil Bole Oberoi Written Episode 12 April 2017 DBO Written Update

Star Plus serial Dil Bole Oberoi 12.04.2017 Written Episode Dil Bole Oberoi Written Update 12th April 2017

Today’s Dil Bole Oberoi 12 April 2017 Written Episode starts with Gauri decides to tells her truth to Omkara. She dances and sings during the jaagran. Shwetlana is coming out of a coffin. Jhanvi sees Gauri applying Sindoor and is shocked.

Some time back….

Gauri is dressed beautifully for the jaagran and decides that she will not let the jaagran get ruined. She heads for the jagran and bumps into Omkara. Lights go off.. her face is covered with a duppatta. kehna hi kyaaa song plays in the background. Om and Gauri look at each other.. Om tries to see her face by taking off her duppata. Gauri stops him by holding his hand and runs away. Saathiya song plays… She calls her to stop. Om sees her payal on the floor and tells her to take her payal but she goes away.

Jhanvi tells Buamaa and Janvi that their jagran is flop now. Janvi thinks what will she so now. Gauri comes and starts singing jagran.. hey naam re.. sab se bad tera naam. Jhanvi and Buaama like Guari. Shwetlana thinks that she has seen Guari somewhere before.

Rudra comes into a dark room and is looking out for clues.

Om comes at the jagran and likes gauri’s singing, he wonders who is this girl with beautiful voice. Om keeps looking at Gauri bring life to jagran and dancing whole heartedly.

Rudra is looking for clues in a dark room. Real Shwetlana is freezing in coffin. Rudra sees a wheel like thing on wall and tries to twist it. Guari and others are enjoying jagran saying jai mata di jai mata di…Rudra ses a mirror side wall opening up.. he gets inside the room from one side while real shwetlana comes out of the coffin from other side.

Fake shwetlana decides to execute her plan to kill Jhanvi. She looks at mata iddol and says she will win the challenge. She stares at Jhanvi with intention to kill her. She goes loser to Janvi to push her. She puts her leg in the front but someone calls Jhanvi. Janci goes to the person who calls her. Buamaa says Om to put flowers at Mata idol’s feet. Gauri is also praying in front of the idol. a girl bumps into Om and he cuts off his hands. He looks at the hadn bleeding and shakes it in the air. His blood goes on Gauri’s forehead. Gauri looks at it and sees Om around her.


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