Dil Bole Oberoi Written Episode 21 April 2017 DBO Written Update

Star Plus serial Dil Boley Oberoi 21 April 2017 Written Episode Dil Bole Oberoi Written Update 21st April 2017

Today’s Dil Bole Oberoi 21 April 2017 episode starts with Kaali says I had to come Mumbai, I came to take something precious. He looks at Chulbul/Gauri. Gauri gets tensed and drops the tray. Kaali holds her hand. Some time before, Kaali says you just paid money for land and took land and wife, now I want wife and land too. Om looks at him., so this deal is cancelled. Om says you can’t do this. Kaali says I can do anything, I got a new partner and did the deal. Om says you are lying, none can give 1200 crores for that land. Tej comes and says but I can give it, because I m Tej Singh Oberoi, I hope you have met my business partner, Mr. Kaali Thakur. Om says it was my deal. Tej says now its mine, registration is needed which you did not do, after all father is a father. He asks Kaali to come. Kaali smiles and thinks I told you I will take land and wife,

I did not say I will take your life too, I have to make you pay for my brother’s death, my brother was my strength and Gauri was my weakness, you snatched both, now its my turn, I will attack on your strength and weakness.

Shwetlana asks really, is Tej’s business partner Om’s friend, I did not know this, how does Kaali look. Maid praises Kaali. Jhanvi says what can we expect from Tej, I heard everything, he cancelled your deal and did deal with Kaali, I asked him for 2000 crores, I m sure he did this deal to arrange alimony, it means he will give me divorce, its all over Om, now none can save our family from breaking. Om says trust me, I won’t let this divorce happen, I will go to any extent for this, don’t you worry, don’t you cry, your son is with you. He hugs her. She cries. Gauri looks on.

Shwetlana says I think I have to meet this Kaali, it will be good fun in the party tonight, I will meet Kaali and announce my and Om’s wedding date, I have old relation with this name Kaali. Om angrily hits the glass wall and breaks it. His hand gets hurt.

Gauri comes there and worries. Om says I don’t want this, why is everyone after my mum’s happiness, that Kaali has come in my house and threatening me, Tej has become my enemy, he has cancelled my deal, who is such father in this world. Gauri says I know its a problem, but don’t worry.

He says its all because of that girl Gauri, if she did not come in my life, Kaali would have not come here to take revenge, its all because of that characterless girl, I blo*dy hate her. She cries. Om says I hate that girl a lot. She thinks Om trusts Chulbul and hates Gauri. She says I understand your sorrow. Om says no, you can share my pain, you can’t understand my sorrow. He asks her to leave. Om sits crying. Gauri sees him and cries recalling Om’s words.

Tej signs the papers and says we have now become official business partners, we will have a drink, even if party is there in evening. He stops Chulbul. Gauri sees Kaali. Tej says I thought I have come Bareilly to sign deal, its good you came Mumbai. Kaali says I had to come Mumbai, I came to take something precious. He looks at Chulbul/Gauri. Gauri gets tensed and drops the tray. Tej asks what the hell, where is your focus Chulbul. Gauri says I will clean it. Kaali holds her hand. She gets shocked.

Kaali says name Chulbul, and wrist is like Bulbul, your facial features are also like girls. Tej asks what do you mean, he is a girl, not guy. Kaali smiles and says undoubtedly. He leaves her hand. Gauri picks the glass pieces and goes crying.

The party begins. Shwetlana says what’s the matter, you look happy. Tej says yes, I have won, I m happy, you know I proved you and Om wrong, you went to Om for 1200 crores, I got that deal, you have bet on weak horse. She thinks I was going to announce my wedding date in party, Tej turned the game, Om has got poor, I won’t get even my 100 crores, I have to change my plan and priorities too. She says sorry, prewedding shoot pendrive, I have to throw you, sorry Om, one who has money will have Shwetlana. She says come on Tej, you know Om was not my love, I need a real man like you. Tej smiles and says I knew your decision will change after deal gets finalized. She asks about his business partner. He says he will be coming. She thinks I m eager to meet Kaali.

Kaali comes there. She turns to him and gets shocked seeing him. Some flashes are seen. She thinks oh Kaali, I love you so much. Tej asks what happened. Kaali says ladies get mad seeing me, I m joking, I m Kaali Thakur. She stares at him. He forwards hand. Tej says Shwetlana, shake his hand. Kaali and Shwetlana shake hands. He gets shocked. He says pleased to meet you, why are your hands cold, I m meeting you for the first time, but I feel I have seen your eyes before, its said people change, faces change, but eyes don’t change. Tej makes them away and says you are dialling wrong number, she is going to become Mrs. soon. She says you are mistaken, we did not meet before. Kaali says when did I say we met, your eyes remind me of someone. He bends to her and says she liked this essence a lot.

Om gets shocked seeing sindoor and asks Gauri did you apply sindoor. Gauri worries.


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