Dil Bole Oberoi Written Episode 24 February 2017 Written Update

Star Plus Dil Bole Oberoi Written Update 24th February 2017 Dil Bole Oberoi 24.02.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Dil Bole Oberoi episode starts with Kaali raises the sword on Om. Shivaye comes and holds the sword. Om looks at Shivaye. Some time before, Om says I was just saving Gauri’s life, I have sympathy with you, it all happened wrong, else after raising hand on Omkara Singh Oberoi, your hand would have not been on your body.

Kaali says threatening Kaali Thakur… and tries to punch him. Om holds his hand. He beats Kaali and his men. Kaali gets a knife and sees Om beating his men. He goes to stab Om. Om pushes his brother to him. Kaali’s brother gets stabbed by Kaali. Om and Kaali get shocked. Kaali’s men beat up Om. Kaali’s brother dies. Kaali sees his blood in hand and rages. He looks at Om. Om gets beaten up.

A man throws sword to Kaali. Kaali takes the sword and goes to kill Om. The men leave Om. Kaali strikes Om with the sword. Shivaye comes there and holds the sword by his hand. Om sees Shivaye’s bleeding hand. Shivaye pushes Kaali and kicks him. Kaali falls down. Shivaye says I have a principle, I can bear if sword strikes me, but its either you or me if my brothers gets even a scratch. Shivaye and Om beat Kaali’s men. Kaali looks on. Shivaye and Om turn and see Kaali dead. FB shows how Kaali went to push them and falls on the sword. Shivaye and Om leave.

Gauri kisses her mum’s hand. Her mum asks why did you come here, you should have not come here, go from here, Kaali’s men would be finding you. Gauri says I came to take you. Her mum asks where is Damaad ji. Gauri cries thinking of Om’s words. She says he is waiting for me at station. Her mum says why did you come here, go to him. Gauri asks how can I leave you in this state. A girl says don’t be mad, I will manage her, you go. Gauri says no Richa, I can’t leave mum.

Gauri’s mum says that family is your house now, you swear on me. Gauri thinks of Om’s words and asks are you making me away from you. Her mum says your marriage happened any way, you have to think its Lord Shankar’s blessing, promise you will always respect this relation and protect his Maryada, you will always love and respect your inlaws, promise me. Gauri promises to keep the relation till her death. Her mum blesses her and asks her to go to Om. Gauri says yes, I will go Mumbai by train tonight, just take care of yourself. She hugs her mum and cries. Saathiya…..plays……….

Its night, Shivaye and Om are at the station. Shivaye says we will leave in 5-10mins, have water. Om drinks water and crushes the bottle. Shivaye sees him and smiles. He says I met myself today after many days, I know you can’t understand yourself where you are, and where I m, I can understand it well, as I went through this, I know this feeling, we feel world is against us, we are fighting with world, but we don’t know with whom are we fighting, and there is a fight going on within with own self, the passion and determination to prove self right, I know its tough, I know what you are feeling right now, anyone else would have got broken being in your place, problems with Tej, Ishana and Riddhima’s cheat, Jhanvi’s state and marrying such woman who can’t be right for anyone, in Anika’s language, much things spoiled, but I know its just you, who can make this fine.

He says Om, there is something good about life, it keeps moving, after some years, when we turn back and see, it will look just a turn which you left behind. Om says I used to say this to you, you are explaining me now. Shivaye says explaining style has difference, I m explaining in simple language, you explain in complicated shayari of pain, relation and emotions, point is everything will be fine, else we will make it fine.

Om says you changed, you are more of Shivaye now, not Shivaye Singh Oberoi, we all used to explain this to you, today you are explaining us, don’t get happy, credit goes to someone else. Shivaye asks who. Om says Anika, you accept this, Anika is special for you, she reaches your heart where none reached till now, you have feelings for her, everyone understands this, maybe you don’t want to accept. Shivaye says I accept there are feelings between me and Anika, but I can’t give it a name, its concern, liking, but there is not a future, one thing stops me, I don’t know anything about her, I can’t see her as the mother of my child. Om says it means, name, blood and family still matters to you. Shivaye says yes, I can’t and don’t want to change my thinking, the relation is without name, but its that. Om smiles and says to be continued one. Shivaye says yes. Om asks shall we leave, I can’t stay here for more time.

Soumya drinks water. Police takes the crazy girl. The girl says whatever I did today, was by getting hurt in love, I will hate you more than I love Aditya, think what will I do in revenge, I will come back. She drinks water and says remember my name, Mohini. She goes. Nandini and Rudra see Soumya. Nandini says you know what Rudra, you and Soumya have some connection, I can feel it, your destiny is linked, mark my words. She goes. Rudra and Soumya see each other. He calls her out. He says whatever Nandini said, I don’t believe that, if that’s the case, then I will change destiny, you can’t become my Takraar ki Ishqbaaz, never. He goes. Soumya says maybe this was written in destiny, our togetherness was just till here. She wipes tears and leaves.

Gauri packs her bag and is leaving from Bareilly. She thinks of Om and her mum’s words. She thinks don’t know what will happen of me between strangers, but I have trust in Lord Shankar, he will think good for me. Om looks at the city and thinks the wounds this city gave me, I will never come back to this city. She thinks husband takes wife to sasuraal, but I will go there and stay, being today’s womaniya. Om thinks I hope I don’t have to see Gauri’s face now. She prays to Lord Shankar, that she sees Om’s face all her life. Saathiya…..plays…..

Shwetlana says its matter of some days, then I will become member of Oberoi family, welcome back Om, let the game begin. Shwetlana meets with an accident. Gauri helps her.

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