Ek Deewana Tha 14 November 2017 Written Episode, EDT Written Update

Sony TV serial Ek Deewana Tha 14th November 2017 Written Update, EDT 14 November 2017 Written Update

Today’s (14.11.2017) Ek Deewana Tha written episode (written update) starts with Madhvi tells Rajan that she saw Shraranya taking out the needle. Shraranya says it’s not like that.. that ice.. then she stops. Nurse cleans up the blood and does the aid. Madhvi tells Rajan that Shraranya is not good for Vyom. She has destroyed Vyom’s life. Rajan tells her to control herself. Madhvi doesn’t stop and says she told him that she will kill Vyom. Rajan says it’s not Shraranya’s fault. Shraranya says Madhvi is right. Madhvi asks her to shut up and tells Rajan not to go on her innocent face, she knows girls like this very well. Ram interrupts and says Shraranya doesn’t want to marry, she doesn’t even remember Vyom. It’s the families who want them to be together. Rajan apologizes Ram for Madhvi. Shraranya walks out.

She’s going somewhere. Vyom comes and stops her. She is surprised to see him. She says he needs to rest. He asks where she was going? She says away from him. He asks without telling him? She asks would he let her go then? Until she is with him, all this will keep happening to him. His mum is right. There is something not right about her. Vyom says if he has to risk his life to be with her, then he is ready to do that, but can’t keep her away from him. She requests him to let her go. If anything happens to him because of her, then she won’t be able to forgive herself. He takes her back inside.

Madhvi is scared that Shraranya might do something to Vyom. Rajan asks her to shut her mouth. Vyom comes in with Shraranya and says she is his destiny. She is his breathe. She will stay with him. Everyone will have to accept that she is not bad luck or bad news, she’s blessing that Devi Maa has given him after praying a lot. He loves her and love is not something that can be forced upon. He tells his parents, in love, two people live happily together. He requests everyone to let him and Shraranya live on their own. His life purpose is to keep Shraranya happy. If she gets hurt, then he gets hurt. It will only be Shraranya’s decision to get married or no. Shraranya looks on. Vyom further states, if she wants to marry someone else, then he is always with her. He loves her, that doesn’t mean that she must love him. If she wants to be his, then she will. If not, then she won’t. It will be her decision only. Rajan interrupts.. Vyom doesn’t let him say anything and says they are friends and it will be her decision if she wants something more. He tells his mum that she knows about the accident. His life is given to him by Shraranya. She took everything on her and went in coma for 2 years. She’s his strength, not weakness. He tells his mum that she is not able to understand his love. Rajan accepts his mistake and says no one will force her now, nor talk about it.

Vyom wants to go home. His parents stop him, but he agrees to stay when Shraranya says doctor said he needs to be under observation for 24 hours. Everyone is leaving. Vyom stops Shraranya saying he didn’t tell her to go. What he will do in hospital alone. He needs someone. Shraranya’s dad tells her to stay. Everyone else leaves.

Shraranya helps Vyom lie down on the bed. Both get close and have eye lock. Vyom recalls their sweet moments. Ghost stares at them. Shraranya moves back and puts blanket on him. She sits down there. They talk. Shraranya says she is impressed. If he had proposed her today, she would have said yes. Vyom says it would be like forcing. He is always ready, but she never takes a step ahead. He can wait for her all his life, but will never force her. She pulls his cheeks saying she does this whenever she feels love for someone. He says she used to do this before too. Ghost looks angrily at Vyom.

Ghost voice at the end: Teri niyat hi nahi thi saath chalne ki, warna rishte nibhane wale raste nahi dekha karte
(Your intentions were never to walk together, otherwise companions don’t look at the path)

Precap: Vyom goes closer to Shraranya and tries to kiss her hand. Ghost is there. Vyom gets some wound on his forehead (or Shraranya sees like that).

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