Ek Deewana Tha upcoming story – Possessed Vyom to force himself on Sharanya

Sony TV Ek Deewana Tha latest news, EDT future twists

In the ongoing track of Sony TV’s popular serial Ek Deewana Tha (EDT), viewers are witnessing pre-wedding celebrations of Vyom (Vikram Singh Chauhan) and Sharanya (Donal Bisht).

It is seen that ghost Shiv (Namik Paul) is upset with Vyom and Sharanya’s marriage. In the last episode we have seen that Vyom Vyom tells Sharanya that the ghost only listens to her. She tells him not to make fun of such things. They are true. Vyom asks the ghost to step forward. I want your powers. Invisible man, please come inside me. The street lights break but Vyom think sit to be co-incidence but Sharanya panics. She tells him that the ghost was right here. He won’t let us get married. Vyom assures her nothing will happen till the time he is with her.

At the same time, Odhni decides to meet Sharanya and tell her everything. She wants to stop Vyom and Sharanya’ wedding. Further, Vyom’s mother too doesn’t want to let this marriage happen while Rajan thinks to use Sharanya’s eagerness to marry to his advantage and wants the wedding to happen in 3 days at any cost.

Vyom and Sharanya get ready for the haldi ceremony. Mrs. Bisht is upset with Sharanya as she find out that Sharanya has lost the engagement ring. Madhvi says this girl says she is marrying my son to protect him but she couldn’t take care of that one ring. She fears what if something happens to Vyom because of her! At the same time Shiv is unhappy to see Haldi ceremony.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, it would be seen that Sharanya and Vyom are in a room. Sharanya asks Vyom to listen to her once. He turns, throws her on the floor and tries to molest on her while covering her mouth (seems to be Shiv who is making him do this). He tears the top of her blouse.

What will happen next? Will Sharanya find out that Vyom is possessed? What will be Vyom reaction to all of this?

We will have to wait and watch!

Stay tuned to this space for latest gossips, spoilers and upcoming twists in Ek Deewana Tha!

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