Haasil 07 December 2017 Written Episode, Hasil Written Update

Sony TV serial Haasil 07th December 2017 Written Update, Hasil Written Episode

Today’s (07.12.2017) Haasil episode starts with Kabir is drunk and gets out of his car. He sits on the floor of parking place. Ranvir comes to him and takes the alcohol bottle from him. He tells him to come and talk in room.

Kabir tells him to site him , he says please, he says today for the first time i wanted to do something nice, but destiny took this opportunity from me, i had thought i would not any thing wrong even my any mistake, but then the person who had taken his first step wrong, he will always falls. He keeps saying she hates me, you hate e, everyone hates me, kabir cries, Ranvir says you cannot do anything so wrong that i will hate you.

Kabir says Bade, you are so nice, why can’t i not be like you, it is Aanchal’s bad lick that she loved a loser like me, she should have loved a person like you, you would have never hurt her and treated her like princess, he cries and lies on his lap while saying that he has done mistake. Kabir goes to sleep.

Naina opens the door and says congrats, your work is done, Sarika enters her house and says well done, Naina.

Flashback is show as Naina says i cannot do his work. She s seen saying that Kabir to Sarika that kabir has confessed that he loves Naina. Whatever drama was going on now, it has become true. I knew this would happen. Sarika says you are going to be my daughter in law and you don’t understand that Anachal thinks from her heart, attack on her heart and tell her the truth, Naina says is i do this, Kabir will hate me, if he knows it me, Sarika says Aanchal’s ego will not reveal you name, Kabir will be broken, he will cry and then he will come back to you. She says will you do this for Raichand, after all you are my choice for Raichand, she says show the video to Aanchal and take her out of Kabir’s life FB ends.

Naina says i have done my work, now will you fulfill your promise, sarika says yes, i have come for that. She hows her Shagun and tells her to call mom from now.

Next Day, Sarika wakes up Kabir who is sleeping on a swing in the garden, she pours water on him, he gets up. he asks what are you doing, Sarika says you wanted to humiliate Aanchal, but she has humiliated you in front of everyone. I cannot see your insult, he says i used to love her. Sarika says thank God you said u used to love and now u do not. She asks what about your revenge from Ranvir, show her that we Raichands don’t forget our revenge easily. kabir says yes, i have to show this to her. Sarika says Naina is still waiting for you and i have given her my yes, Kabir says thanks mum, you have solutions to my problems always.

Aanchal’s brother calls her ans asks her to stop, he tells her let me drop you, she says are you scared of Raichands. She says let me come to you college and be your bodyguard. She says i will not change my lifestyle for one person, i will go to work like i always used to. She says i can’t let Kabir change my life coz he will will then, he says let me go alone to work. 

Kabir comes to meet Naina. He says orchids for you, you like them, he praises her beauty. He says wow so many gift, (shagun) Naina says i said no to your mum, kabir says its okay don’t explain, i want to thank you, she is surprised, he says i was wondering how come Aanchal knows of my plan, bu when i spoke to my mother today, it struck me that it would be you and who else, Naina says Kabir i just… Kabir says relax, what you have done, i would have never been able to do, she says oh kabir you were going to break some one’s heart who would i let that happen, if i will not think of you, who will think, hope you are not upset with me, he says i used to think about Aanchal, she says forget about her, he says no, anchal has hurt me, i will not leave her just like that, Naina asks what will you do.

He says time has come for the world to see the drama.

Sarika meets a man Bhushan and says she wants to see news about Aanchal and Kabir’s engagement breakup in all nes channels within one hour, Kabir is her son, so new bad news about him, he can write anything he like about Aanchal.

Aanchal is busy checking files at NGO. Rupali brings tea. Aanchal says she is giving her 5th tea, looks like she poured all love in tea. Rupali says if they can spend her intelligence and some money in holiday, let us go far away from here. \Aanchal says why don’t she say directly that she wants to go away from Kabir and Raichands, how will she go away from her past, not to worry, nothing will happen to her. She reminds that she was afraid of pressure cooker whistle in childhood and mamma got her rid of it. She learned to face fear and challenge it. They hear Kabir’s voice outside telling reporters t hat Aanchal betrayed her. Mom says she will take off her fear today and takes her away.

Reporters throng Kabir and asks to tell what had happened. Aancha with mom comes. Kabir says he knew she would come when he calls. He asks reporters if they want to know truth. Ranvir takes Bhushan on his private plane. Bhushan worriedly asks why did he bring him here. Ranvir says to show that he can bring him here without anyone noticing it and can stop him from hiding truth. He watches news and leaves in car watching news live. Kabir tells reporters that Aanchal accepted Ranvir’s job to steal truth and then after befriending Ranvir, she trapped Kabir in her love for his money. Sarika and Naina watch news and get happy. Kabir asks if they want to hear this, then it is not truth. He further says that he betrayed Aanchal actually, he wanted to take Ranvir’s revenge, so he trapped Aanchal in his love, he is bad and not Aanchal, this is the truth. He walks to Aanchal and says he did a mistake and lost her love, if she had loved him even for a minute, she should reaccept him as he wants to spend rest of his life with her, he loves her and shows ring kneeling down. Aanchal picks ring and throws it and tries to leave. Kabir holds his hand. She shouts enough and slaps him.

Precap: Sarika meets Gaurav and says time has come to do his job and orders to finish Aanchal. Gaurav targets Aanchal from a distance. Kabir runs and pushes Aanchal. Bullet sound is heard.

update in progress.

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