Haasil 11 December 2017 Written Episode, Hasil Written Update

Sony TV Haasil 11th December 2017 Written Update, Hasil Written Episode

Today’s (11.12.2017) Haasil serial episode starts with Kabir looks at the watch gifted by Aanchal and thinks of Aanchal. Aanchal too thinks about Kabir and feels uneasy.

Sarik comes to meet Gaurav, she says i have left you alive after attack on Kabir, but now is the time you have to do your job, she says you have keep Aanchal from kabir, he says fine i will scare her and throw her out of city, sarika says that’s a job of a kid, you have to kill her, finish her.

Kabi comes to Ranvir’s room and says he cannot sleep as he is thinking of Aanchal all the time thats why he has come to his room as since childhood you are my sleeping pill. He says i don’t know what is happening to me, i can’t forget Aanchal.

Anchal’s mom come to her as she is also not feeling good, Ranvir says for first time i have seen Aanchal so upset, kabir says Ranveer please do something, Ranvir says you will have to make good, tujhe khud use haasil karna hoga, make your love a goal and try to reach it, you will find you way.

Next morning, Aanchal gets out of home, someone calls Gaurav and informs her, Gaurav waits for Aanchal to come to a place and holds the gun towards her. Aanchal in in her car driving. A media reporter car stops her cra, Gaurava misses his shot, the reporter asks her about slapping Kabir, she ignore and goes into her car.

Kabir is in Aanchal’s NGO and is talking to old people. Kabir sees Aanchal and says i tells them about a beautiful girl in my dream and she was looking good in white and red dress and was coming towards me. Aanchal tells Kabir, goo you came to me, else i would have come to you.

Aanchal says what do you think, you will do all of this drama, i will come back to you, Never, She says i can’t make a mistake again. She takes the watch back from him which she had gifted him. She leaves, Gaurav points gun at her, Kabir stops her and says i will love you again and again, he says i have changed after loving you.Guarav misses his chance. Kabir tells Aanchal, you can go away from me, but will always be around you. He says this watch is my amanat with you, i will soon win your trust and take it from you.

Kabir finds a gun pointed a Aanchal and runs towards her. He gets shot on the back. Aanchal is shocked. Gaurav runs away.

Aanchal rushes him to hospital in her car. Ranvir is busy exercising when he gets Aanchal’s car and picks call. Aanchal says Kabir is shot and she is rushing him to hospital. Kabir stands shocked reminiscing Kabir’s love for him.

Kabir is rushed to hospital. Raichands also reach hospital. Doc comes out of OT and says I am sorry. Family stands in a shock. Doc then says bullet hit heart and escaped rupturing it, Kabir lost a lot of blood and his chances of survival are grim. Sarika shatters. Ranvir consoles her. Aanchal walks shattered to temple and prays god that nothing should happen to Kabir. Ranvir walks in and says nothing will happen to Kabir as he trust Kabir more than god. He reminisces childhood where Kabir meets with a cycling accident and gets into critical condition, but he revives and promises Ranvir that he will not leave him alone any time. Aanchal holds his hand and consoles. Inspector comes and says Aanchal that he wants to talk about Kabir’s murder attempt. Sarika calls Gaurav, but he disconnects call. Sarika reminisces ordering Gaurav to kill Aanchal. Inspector asks Aanchal if she saw shooter. Aanchal says she just remembers Kabir running to her and bearing bullet on him to save her. Inspector says that means murder attempt was on her, does she have any enemy. Sarika hears her silently.

Precap: Kabir tells Aanchal she took back watch and his time changed. He gasps for air. Sarika gets worried and calls doctor. Ranvir tells Aanchal that Kabir’s life is in her, she should forgive him.

Haasil upcoming twists – Ranvir asks Aanchal to forgive Kabir

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