Ikyavan 05 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 05th December 2017 Written Update, Ikyawan Written Episode

Today’s (05.12.2017) Ikyavan episode starts with Satya and Susheel enjoy each others company while Leela gets furious and asks Jhano to on the water pipe and Leela stands in front of them while unfortunately she puts the water on Satya and he looks at Leela. Susheel stills behaves mad and gets close to Satya.

Satya checks the pani puri water and he asks Shivam to take care of Susheel as someone mixed something in pani puri. Kali checks Susheel and Susheel says that Satya must have done this again. Satya goes to meet Leela and she starts shouting at Satya for Susheel. Besides, Satya starta saying that he does not like Susheel as well and says someone must have mixed something in pani puri. Leela says not someone but Susheel must have mixed something. Kali gives her a juice to drink and says that she will feel fine after drinking it.

Leela comes there and starts shouting at Kali and Susheel. Leela takes Susheel to the stall and asks her to make pani puri. Susheel prepares it and Leela eats it. Leela takes the water and drinks it and says to Satya that this seems fine to her. Flashback begins when Kali asks Shivam to change the pani puri water with other one. Kali changes it to save Susheel. Leela says Satya that he started lying to her and still puts the blame on Susheel.

Satya again tests the pani puri and leaves. Sejal thanks Susheel while Leela again gets furious and says she has married to her son. Satya comes there and asks Susheel if she is fine while Leela keeps her eye on him and he leaves. Leela thinks about all those moments when Satya and Susheel were together and falls the diya down which leads to fire. Susheel shouts out fire while everyone get scared of the fire break out. Susheel puts water and saves Leela and also tries to stops the fire in the mandap. Besides, Shivam and others also get engaged to stop the fire. Leela was about to fall while Susheel holds her but she pushes her. Leela again puts the blame on Susheel and her preparations of wedding. Susheel feels bad and tells Sejal’s dad (Bhavesh) that he gave all the arrangements to her dad and she tried her best to do. Susheel keeps saying about her efforts and her ma-pa. While Leela stops her. Sejal takes Susheel’s side and says and says if not the full amount but 7 lacks must be paid to her. Leela squeezes Susheel’s mouth and puts a 2000 rupee note in her mouth. Leela warns others not to pay a single penny more than this. Leela says she gave her the amount she deserved. Leela says it all about her fathers respect and says that this is unfair. Susheel requests them to make the full payment. Susheel reaches home where her fui baa taunts her saying that she came without money. Naresh hits Shivam and asks if he did not say anything. Susheel’s grand father also gets angry as they were in need of money. Susheel says she did not do any mistake and she organized everything and also handle the difficult situation. Susheel’s grandfather tells Susheel to enjoy her last few college days and then to handle the household chores. Meanwhile, Kali hands Satya a check and asks him to give to Susheel’s family and not to tell anyone about it. Besides, Satya gets the idea to impress Susheel’s whole family as well as Susheel. But Kiran comes there and takes away the cheque. Kali asks Satya to handle the situation and take the cheque back. Satya runs after Kiran to take the cheque back. While Leela also comes there

Mr Magan comes to Susheel’s house to take back his money while Susheel’s grandfather says he will mortgage his house to make the payment. While they take away the expensive things from the house and pushes his grandfather away.


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