Ikyavan 05 December 2018 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Sony TV serial Ikyavan 05th December 2018 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Episode, Ikyawann 05 Jan 2018 Written Update

Today’s (05.01.2018) Ikyavan (Ikyawan) episode starts with Satya says I’m here for a truth,Satya says remember that insult with gulal, Susheel tells yes I was very angry that day so I did that,Satya tells her about the bet, Susheel  shouts no and runs, Satya says all was lie sushil my love my friendship,sushil pulls a lady from being hit by truck and hits her head and a pole falls on her leg and she faints ,Satya rushes to her, Satya says call ambulance, Satya says god she ran because of me,sorry Susheel  wake up,a man says ambulance will take half an hour, Satya puts her on his bike ties her with himself and takes to hospital.

Satya keeps thinking,don’t give me that guilt,don’t give me this big punishment,I’m your friend,isn’t do this,why did you run,I will give you ice cream wake up Susheel. Sejal surfing on laptop,Vishu asks why watch mumbai pic, Sejal says because I what to go mumbai, Vishu says we can’t now, Sejal says not now,we will go with Satya and Suseeil’s wedding and we all will settle in Mumbai, Satya does so much for her,Vishu sees Leela looking at them and says Sejal how dare you do that,dadi will be so upset,and she doesn’t like Susheel, she accepted you because she likes you but not Suhail dare you and points at mirror,Sejal says sorry Vishu and I can never go against dadi, Vishu says good keep this in mind and goes out,

Vishu says dadi you here,Leela says my lion you learnt how to hand,e your wife and leaves,Sejal says I just said Suhail wed Satya and she was so angry when this will be reality what will be the case. Satya takes sushil to kalis hospital,Kali asks did you do something,say something and starts treating sushil,Satya says ma electric pole fell on her leg,road accident,Kali says Lokesh go arrange for X-ray,and Satya did you inform her parents,Satya says no,Kali says what happened,Satya says we were talking and she started running,Satya thinks sushil ran because he broke her heart,Satya says ma this is because she was talking to me do something.

Mehul trying to reach sushil and very upset,and worried,naresh says calm down she must be in no network, Nitish says I will get her,Mehul says I don’t know where she is is,naresh do you,naresh thinks how can I tell in front of Bapu.bapu says look at how irresponsible she is hasn’t informed anyone not even Shivam.mehul says I’m very scared like the day when I had forgotten her in auto,Bapu says let’s go police station,Kali says I have to call police it’s accident case,tell me what exactly happened.
Kali checks X-ray and says good it’s just internal injury,Satya says but why did she faint,Kali says first tell me what happened.

Sushil is brought in with ,she says aunty Satya saved me,I fell on road,Kali says what were you doing there,Satya says ma all good,should I call her parents,Kali say son needed and sushil take proper care of this and rest,and let me wrote some pain killers.satya thinks god she is so upset,and why did I get her here , sushil thinks he must be thinking I’m so stupid went to save someone and fell down myself,Satya gets video call from Leela an she goes out. Leela asks what’s wrong why you look upset,and what are you doing infront of your mothers clinic and that camel,Satya says i told her and she ran away,Leela says good work my boy,and if you had fallen for her she would have made hell of your life,she is so ugly god knows what her mother given her,Satya says dadi she doesn’t have mother,Leela says good,she would spoil her life too and why are you so upset.

Satya says my friend met with an accident and so mood off,Leela says come down home I will cook your favourite sweet and cheer you up,sushil coming out,Satya says dadi I will call you back and cuts the call,Satya says kept the water rest your hand on my shoulder you will be more comfortable,sushil says no I’m fine,Satya says didn’t you hear what doctor said,sushil says she is your mother,Satya says but your doctor and stop this formality and holds her waist and I’m your friend right,Kali smiles and says drop her by my car,Satya says I can’t stand her near me and she is behaving like I made a big mistake by breaking her heart,Satya helps her put the seat belt.sushil says thank you aunty,Kali says you welcome bye.

Sushil later says I didn’t pay aunty her fees,Satya says are you mad and not a word keep quite,Suhail says but,and Satya says quite and puts his finger on his lips.phui and naresh say why hurry to police station she will be back,Bapu says why not,poor girl has always fallen in fatal problems remember Mehul when we found her in run sack,I think we should hurry,Nitish opens the door and Satya sushil at door.sushil puts her hand off his shoulder.


jiggi says Satya you going to meet Sushil right,Satya says yes,jiggi says why,Satya says because I love her,I love her a lot ,Kali hears this.

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