Ikyavan 11 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 11th December 2017 Written Update, Ikyawann Written Episode

Today’s (11.12.2017) Ikyavan episode starts with Sushil’s uncles keep on finding the mannequin to help Susheel while Shivam finds it. Darika calls some aunt for Pooja and begins her maun vrat. Susheel sits beside her and they begin the aarti. Naresh calls Susheel and asks her when is she leaving.

Susheel says she has not got the permission. Naresh says Darika has asked her to go. After a while, Darika looks and sees Susheel is not seated beside her and goes in search of her. Darika comes to the kitchen and looks a girl standing there. Jai tells Darika that Susheel is making prasad for the pooja. Darika says she wants water. Jai says he will send Susheel with water. She leaves. Shivam was moving the Susheel doll with thread. Jia hands Susheel water and asks her to give it to Darika.

Jai asks Susheel to talk to Darika using gestures. Susheel shows the gesture of the ball to fui ba and she thinks she is asking for prasad and says yes. Naresh and Shivam thank Jai for his plan. They encourage Susheel for the match. The competition fest begins. Satya flirts with a girl who acts to be his fan. Satya is the captain of her opponent team. Susheel comes running there. Susheel asks her team mates if they are ready. Satya gives her uniform and says everyone is ready except her.

They again fight over the jersey. Satya starts telling that he is a champ. One of his mate tells him that the jersey has Susheel’s name. Satya looks a girl leaving with some paints and he calls her. The girl gets impressed by Satya and gets close to him. Satya holds her and asks her to leave. Satya calls his mates around and gets dressed there itself. Everyone starts cheering for him. Satya tells Susheel sorry and says number 1 has always been lucky for him. Susheel keeps on looking at him strangly. Satya wears the blue shirt while he is in the red team. The match is about the begin everyone starts cheering for Satya. Susheel gets ready and also gets ready to defeat Satya. Susheel wears the red costume with number 51. And the competition begins. Susheel starts her defence game against Satya. Satya was holding the ball while Susheel takes away leaving Satya shocked. They get a short break. Susheel and Satya show their tashan to each other. The next round begins. Susheel goes to throw the ball in basket while Satya comes and removes her pony tail rubber. Susheel gets distracted towards Satya and the ball misses. Now Satya’s team is on 2 and Susheel’s team on 8. Susheel gets furious over him.

Leela looks at Satya’s bike near the college and goes inside. Susheel was about to fall and Satya holds her. Leela comes there and looks Susheel with Satya and says what is she doing here.

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