Ikyavan 15 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 15th December 2017 Written Update, Ikyawann Written Episode

Today’s (15.12.2017) Ikyavan episode starts with Susheel asks her sir not to give her team the points. Satya smiles and looks at Susheel. Susheel says he came to save her and hence he got lost. Susheel says he also had a chance to win.

Satya tells its ok she got hurt and thus he saved her. Satya tells her that if he would have cheated then he would have lost the trust. He tells now its equal equal and gives his hand of friendship. She accepts it. Leela comes to meet the pandit. Pandit asks to call the daughter in law. Sejal comes out and says he is not the pandit and says he is Chaman uncle undergarment seller. Leela looks at Sejal. Sejal says he sells undergarment near Teen Darwaza.

Leela says knowlege at his place and business at her place. Chaman assigns Sejal a tough task to help her overcome all the hurdles in her married life. He says the coming week is important and she has to do the task which will be assigned by him. He asks Sejal if she will do. Leela says she will do everything as she loves Vishu from so long. Leela goes to her worker angrily to put the mirchi in her mouth and she asks Sejal that will she do that.

Sejal says she will and not to hurt the women. The priest says she will first takes Ganesh God’s idol and place it in the North Direction and she has to bring a white mouse and put it near Ganesh’s idol. Sejal gets confused. Satya tells his brother that she won’t get impressed easily but he will win the game. Satya goes to cheer Susheel for her win. The priest says the task is not easy and she has to complete it to save her married life. Sejal asks him why she has to do this and she asks where will she get the mouse from. Gulabo says she will have to do this as Leela has asked her to do. Later, Sejal finds the letter and she reads it. She comes to know that it was Leela’s plan to bring the pandit. Sejal laughs at Leela and leaves. Satya comes to Susheel and again starts showing his attitude. Susheel challenges Satya for a dance contest. Satya says he is not so good in dancing but then to he can do well. Susheel says no problem as he won the basket ball match but cheating then he can win this match too. Susheel says they also give him the spary so that he cannot create a drama of cramp. Satya says he did not fake it and he really got the cramp. Susheel’s friend’s mother gets worried and she asks if she is really in college. Susheel talks to her mom and then she asks her friend about it. She says her mom doubts if she has a boyfriend. She says her mom once noticed her neighbour that she has a boyfriend. Susheel says her father never had such problem. Her friend says she has no such problems of her mom and she again gets the call. Susheel gets little emotional and she gets her dad’s call. Dadi ji and fui ba come home. Naresh runs to see Susheel. They check her bed and Jai says he will wake her up while Dadi says let it be. Darika looks at the odhni and says she must have slept with casual clothes and goes to wake her. Jai refuses saying that she has a headache. Vishu tells Satya about the task given to Sejal. Besides, Sejal gets ready for the task and she tries to catch the mouse. Jhano keeps a watch on her. Sejal looks at Jhano secretly spying her. Sejal goes to the temple nearby and fakes crying saying that Leela won’t spare her and leaves. Jhano runs to Leela and shoes the trapped mouse to her. Sejal looks at them and finds that it was again their plan to fail her. Susheel comes home and Darika shouts to bring paneer. Darika asks Shivam and Jai to wake Susheel.

Satya and Susheel get the Shiv Parvati task for dance competition. Satya gets ready and Susheel does not reach there. There comes an announcement that if Susheel does not come within 2 minutes then her team will be eliminated. Susheel looks at her dress and gets angry.


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