Ikyavan 19 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 19th December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawann Written Update

Today’s (19.12.2017) Ikyavan (Ikyawan) episode starts with Satya and Susheel perform tandav dance. Susheel’s hair is getting stuck in Satya’s trishul, he helps her out.

After the dance results are announced, Satya and Susheel both win. They share the wards. Satya says i have shared my award for the first time with someone and i am happy that i am sharing with you. Susheel is in tears, he asks why, she says i am missing my Maa paa and mama. He says you have the award now you can tell them and share your happiness.

Satya’s friend Kailash makes fun of Susheel’s height, Satya makes him shut up and tells him that he is proud that today he wa in competition with a girl like Susheel. Sayta’s friend thinks, that Satya has played his game well and he will surely win his bet. Satya tells his friend Kailash to watch his words and that he can come for Dandiya function tomorrow.

Susheel goes to change, Satya meets him, she tells him don’t you want to change, he says i want to tell you something important. Satya’s brother comes and asks her where was she, he had been looking for her and takes her way, Satya tells Susheel i will be waiting for you as i have to say something.

Sejals asks Leela what is her next task and taunts her that i like to do you work, Leela tells her today rest, i will asks pandit what is your next work, Sejal again taunts that the pandit is dongi, Leela says he is not, she reminds her that just now she said that she will do her seva and listen to her husband, leela tells Sejal to massage her legs. Leela tells Jhano to get oil while Sejal frowns.

Satya is waiting in his Shiv avatar for Susheel, his friend says what you think, you will say four lines to impress her, she will fall in love for her, he says what if you fall in love with her.

Satya says you want to insult me, if anyone would marry that bhail buddi girl, f would be insult, i just want to impress her and win the bet, she would be more hurt if she starts liking all my words.

Sejal gets oil for Leela and its hot, she burns her hands and Leela’s feet.

Susheel manages to get in time ready as Fai ba gets a marriage proposal for her, Fai baa asks her you took so long to take a bath, but your hair is not wet, mama says she had taken hair bath yesterday.

Someone rings the doorbell and Fai baa opens the door to see Shiv Bhagwan (Satya), she folds her hands.


Leela calls Satya, his phone video mode is on, she sees Satya asking for Susheel’s friendship.


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