Ikyavan 21 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 21st December 2017 Written Update, Ikyawan 21 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawann Written Update

Today’s (21.12.2017) Ikyavan (Ikyawan) episode starts with Leela looks in her phone and finds Satya together with Susheel and gets furious. Satya talks to Susheel while he also remembers the day when she insulted him. Satya about the competition and says sorry for the day when he took away her trophy. Leela gets confused and thinks about the trophy.

Satya asks her for friendship and she agrees which makes Leela furious and she cuts the call. Satya plans to organise ‘Dandiya Raas’ in college with Susheel and he leaves. Mehul looks at Susheel from behind and smiles. Leela gets angry on everyone and she shouts at Satya’s brother for taking juice from fridge. He comes running to Leela and takes away his tab from Kiran. Leela slaps him and asks him the truth. Satya comes home and Leela waits angrily for him.

Leela asks him to show the trophy while Satya thinks about his and Susheel’s name in it which will make her angry. She looks at the trophy while he takes it back. Satya asks if she is angry. Leela says why did he feel like she is angry. He says she did not even ask for food. Leela says she has made all his favorite dishes. His brother is tied with the rope in the table itself and she offers him his favorite foods.

Leela takes the tab in hand and Satya says he will open it. Satya opens it and finds his photo with Susheel. Leela starts her drama and says that he said that they look good together and hence he made this photo. Leela tells Satya that he can never go against her and Satya stands and agrees with her. Satya says he went to college to win the fest and he came back. Satya leaves to get fresh. Leela says he started lying to me. Meanwhile, Susheel learns cooking. Satya looks at his trophy and he feels that Leela knocked his room but it was his mother Kali. She asks him if he had his food. Satya says yes. Kali asks him about Susheel but Satya repiles in an arrogant way. Satya says he did not do anything wrong and he saved her. Kali says that she liked it when he called her. Satya says he is feeling asleep and wants to sleep. Kali was leaving while she says he won the trophy and asks him to show. He says it is kept in college and he will show her tomorrow. Kali switches off the light while she looks at the trophy and she picks it up. Satya looks at her and she congratulates him and keeps it beside him and leaves. Shivam reads out the horoscope of Susheel saying that she will make new friends. She gets a message from him and he calls her for Dandiya party. Satya hides his trophy near the temple of his house and gets ready to leave. Sejal and Vishu comes there to tease him while he calls Leela and they run away. Satya’s dad come there and asks him about where he is going. Satya says he has some important work in college. While, Leela makes her other move towards Sejal. Susheel goes to shop for dandiya. Susheel picks the tall one. Satya comes there and finds a good opportunity and he starts to shout at the shopkeeper for teasing Susheel. Susheel asks Satya to relax as she knows the shopkeeper since childhood. He goes to the next shop. The man tells Susheel that he is a good friend and he cares about her. Susheel looks at him.

Satya plans to take Susheel on a date and will propose her. Meanwhile, Leela finds the trophy and she tells Jhano that if he mentions Susheel’s name for friendship or anything else then dispose him too.

Ikyawann upcoming twists – Satya to confess his fraud to Susheel BUT

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