Ikyavan 26 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 26th December 2017 Written Update, Ikyawan Written Episode, Ikyawann Written Update

Today’s (26.12.2017) Ikyavan (Ikyawan) episode starts with Mehul makes Naresh wear the navratri dress to make Susheel ready in video call. Susheel laughs at Naresh. Susheel asks them to have food as she is fasting and they don’t have to be hungry. Susheel says Sorry to Naresh for teasing him.

Satya’s brother comes to him and tells that he has completed 200 years and he has yet not completed the bet. Satya says he has planned so well and he will win his bet. Susheel comes there, Satya looks at her. Satya compliments saying that she is looking pretty a little different than usual. Susheel thanks him. Everyone go to welcome the singer of the function. Susheel founds that the another horse man is missing. He asks the man about him.

Another horse comes later. Satya asks about where he was he shows the sing of toilet. While it is Leela inside dressed in the horse costume. The guest arrives while it is Jhano. Susheel and Satya makes her wear the garland. Leela keeps a watch on them. Sejal comes along with Vishu. Leela looks at her and says she will also get to see my another personality. The dandiya show begins and they start dancing. Susheel also dances with Leela but she gets furious inside.

Satya comes to Susheel and he holds her hand. They both start dancing Leela keeps a watch on them. While, Susheel in her own dreamy world dances romantically with Satya. Susheel sits to take rest while Satya also comes there. Satya drinks both the glass of water Susheel goes to get a glass of water for her while Satya stops her and calls her Su.. he says he means Susheel. Susheel smiles a bit. Susheel says she does not mind and he can call her Su. Satya asks her about the plan after the dandiya party. She says she will go home and sleep as she cannot eat anything as she is fasting. Susheel says she will go and meet the singer. Jhano and Leela come together at the same place. Leela asks Jhano to be careful as Vishu and Sejal are also here. Meanwhile Sejal comes in search of washroom and she finds Leela there. Sejal comes running down while Vishu holds her. Sejal gets scared and says I did not tell anything to anyone Dadi. Vishu asks her to calm down. Sejal was about to tell him while suddenly Jhano comes on stage to make an announcement. Leela announces while Jhano lip syncs it to find the bell competition. Everyone get ready to search the bell for the free passes. Sejal finds Satya and she tells that there is no bells here. Leela gets confused thinking what happened to Sejal. Leela takes the bell and she rings it. Susheel hears it and she walks towards Leela. Susheel falls as everyone run after the ring sound. A guy walks over from Susheel and she suffers in pain. Leela was also about to walk over from Susheel while Satya comes there and he pushes Leela. Leela falls down and her horse head falls her face gets revealed. Susheel hugs Satya. Vishu looks at Leela and he shows Satya to look there. Satya panics seeing Leela at the festival.


Leela asks Satya about Susheel. He tells her his whole plan. Susheel listens to them while Satya says his plan was about to succeed if she did not come here today as Susheel was about to confess her love and he would have won the bet breaking her heart. Satya looks Susheel and gets shocked.

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