Ikyavan 28 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 28th December 2017 Written Update, Ikyawan 28 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawann Written Update

Today’s (28.12.2017) Ikyavan (Ikyawan) episode starts with Naresh makes fun of Susheel and says she heated milk instead of water thinking about Satya. Darika comes and asks her if she did the warm water. Leela is happy and everyone is working in kitchen. Sejal was working while she asks her to leave as she will handle the kitchen.

Vishu and Sejal are confused on Leela’s behaviour while Kali hears their conversation and she asks them if Leela saw Satya and Susheel together. Kali asks Leela about so much arrangements. Gulabo says it is for Satya. Gulabo says Leela must have found a Susheel girl for Satya while Leela gets furious hearing susheel. Susheel brings hot water for Bakhe. Sejal asks Leela that she choose Susheel for Satya? Leela gets furious and she shouts at Sejal and Gulabo. Leela says Satya is doing great work now.

Kali asks what work? Leela says don’t question so much. Leela promises to find a perfect bride for Satya. Naresh and Shivam tell Susheel that she must confess her love and they tell her about how Mehul’s wife wrote love letter for Mehul. Naresh and Shivam play a song and they start to dance and they ask Susheel to write I love you. Susheel ask them to stop teasing her. Naresh says he has seen her love for Satya in her eyes.

Susheel starts writing hello Satya. While Naresh takes the paper and he writes I LOVE YOU SATYA. Suhseel asks him to give back the paper and they have a pillow fight while the paper falls near the door. Susheel runs to pick while Satya picks it up. He opens it up and was about to read while Naresh comes and takes it and asks him what is he doing here. Naresh says it is his medicine list. Naresh tells Susheel that she did not taught her friends that coming this late home is not decent. Susheel says yes there must be something important. Naresh and Shivam leave and they keep a watch on Susheel and Satya. Satya calls Susheel for having chaat. Susheel says aunt will get angry if she come to know. Satya gives her anklet back and he gives it to her. Susheel says it is not mine. Satya says sorry and says he is leaving. While leaving he says stop me.. stop me.. Susheel is trying to control herself. While Naresh calls Satya and asks him to give Susheel’s anklet. Satya smiles and gives him. Naresh asks Susheel to get the medicines and he asks Satya to take Susheel along with him.

Satya takes Susheel and they have chaat together. Satya takes a tissue and he cleans Susheel’s face and she keeps looking at him. Later, Satya talks to someone on his phone about his plans. 

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