Ikyavan 29 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyawan Written Update

Star Plus serial Ikyavan 29th December 2017 Written Update, Ikyawan Written Episode, Ikyawann WU

Today’s (29.12.2017) Ikyavan (Ikyawan) episode starts with Susheel is confused and is thinking about what to buy from the medical. Satya is waiting and he calls Susheel to come fast. Susheel aks him to have his food as she cannot eat. She says fui ba will shout her.

Satya tries to convince Susheel. Susheel tells her dailogue and Satya repeats with her. Susheel says she is leaving home while Satya thinks that he won’t get this chance again. Susheel is confused about her feelings for Satya. Meanwhile, Susheel feels dizzy and Satya holds her. He asks her to eat something. Satya makes her eat and she gets faint. Kali cleans Satya’s room while she founds a bill of payal set in his room. Kali asks Vishu about Satya. Sejal tells Kali that Satya must have went to meet Satya.

Kali gets worried and tells he went to meet Susheel at this time. Sejal gives Kali a sign that Satya loves Susheel. Kali smiles and thinks if it is true. Susheel drinks water and she asks Satya about what did he make her eat. Susheel gets tensed and starts telling about her fui ba who is worried about her marriage. Satya tells her who will marry you? Susheel asks him if she is so bad. Satya says she is a nice girl and there will be a list of guys to marry you.

Susheel again feels special. Satya says he made her eat fruits and nothing else. Satya asks her to have fruits or else she will get faint again. Susheel asks him not to worry and tells him that he can call her dad as ma pa. Sejal and Kali keep on discussing about Satya and Susheel and about Leela. Sejal also tells Kali that Leela was furious during the dandiya party while later she was happy. She is confused. Kali asks Sejal not to tell anything to anyone about Satya and this payal. Susheel eats fruits while Satya enjoys eating pani puri. While eating a fruit gets stuck in Susheel’s face while Satya cleans it with tissue. Satya later intentionally sticks the food to his face. Susheel looks at him while he acts strange. Susheel takes the tissue and gives it to him and smiles at him. Satya also smiles. Mehul comes home and calls for Susheel. Naresh handles the situation at home while Susheel’s father searches for her. Darika comes out and shouts at Mehul. Mehul feels bad and tells Darika that why does she keep on telling to Susheel. Naresh starts his drama of stomach ache and says that Susheel went to take medicines along with Susheel. Mehul calls her while it is at home. Mehul shouts to Naresh and tells him that he will get them back. Naresh tells that he will go to get them back and says he is joking and he also wants to have a walk. Naresh and Shivam go for a walk. Susheel apologizes Satya for the times when she blamed him. She shares her priorities with him and she gets emotional. Satya recalls what Leela said and he says he can also never ignore her dadi Leela. Susheel says he must respect her dadi and he must listen to whatever she says. Susheel says she will leave now.

Susheel tries to repair Satya’s car while he proposes her. Satya tells her that he loves her. Susheel is happy and she smiles. Satya asks her for answer while she runs away.

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