Ishbqaaz Written Episode 17 January 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 17th January 2017 WU 

Ishqbaaz serial episode (17.01.2017) starts with Someone puts rope in Anika’s neck. She screams. Shivaay goes out of house and gets shocked seeing Anika hanging to the tree. Some time before, Anika runs to the car and gets the power bank from glove box. Someone puts rope in Anika’s neck. She screams. Shivaay hears her and says Anika. He gets up. Pinky says I don’t know, he left in hurry and did not tell me, do you know. Rudra says no. She asks do you know where Om went, Shivaay went after him. He says Om also went along, its cheat, no one takes me. She asks him to answer. He says I don’t know. She says be careful, they are your brothers. She goes. He says there is something fishy, Shivaay went after Om without telling me. Sahil says Tia is going somewhere.

Rudra says I think everyone is going somewhere, I will also go, but where. Sahil says do you know where is Tia going, something is fishy, she was saying dialogues on phone, she was saying you are not here but memories are with her, she was crying. Rudra says she would be saying Shivaay. Sahil says name was something else. Rudra says what name, SSO, Shivaay baby. Sahil says no. Rudra says Bagad Billa. Sahil says no, I know his names more, that name was by D. Rudra recalls Anika’s words and says was she really talking to her husband, its right chance to find evidence against her. He sees Tia.

Shivaye comes out of the house and falls down. He gets shocked seeing Anika hanging to the tree via the rope in neck. He shouts Anika. He runs to her and holds her feet on his shoulders. He says I won’t let anything happen to you Anika. He sees the rope tied to the tree.

Rudra stops Tia. He asks where are you going. She says mom’s house. He says I will drop you, I insist. She asks why. He says you can’t drive in this state, Shivaye will be angry knowing I have let you and baby go alone, universe wants me to leave you. He jokes. She says I said I will go. She stumbles. He asks why did you stumble, did you drink wine in this state.

Rumi looks at Shivaye. Shivaye hits the rope with an axe. He get dizzy and sits. Rumi says you try your best Shivaye, you can’t save Anika, I have to give this good news to Tia. Tia says what nonsense, you think I m mad to drink wine in pregnancy, I took medicines, so I m sleepy. Rudra says fine, go to room and rest, if you are missing mummy, then watch the mummy movie. She gets Rumi’s call and worries. He stares at her. She says its mom’s call. He says I will talk to aunty. She says I will talk. She disconnects call. He thinks its uncle’s call whose name starts with D, her phone has all secrets, I have to get her phone.

Shivaye cuts the rope. Anika falls in his arms. He removes rope from her neck and asks her to get up. He says I have come, Anika wake up. He shakes her up and shouts wake up. She gets conscious and holds her neck. He says I have come. She says you saved my life again. He says don’t dare to do this again. He hugs her.

Rudra says wait, you are not well, battery is low, I will charge your phone. Tia says no thanks, I will manage. He shouts rat. She asks where. He signs Sahil and says when Bagad Billa’s younger brother, rat has to do work. She says I m going, else I will go mad like you. He asks for her phone. She says Rudra please don’t irritate me more. Sahil signs Rudra. She asks what’s all this mess. Sahil says my things fell from the bag, help me pick it up. Tia says why are you careless, you went on your sister. Sahil says help me in picking books. She says tell servant work to servants. Rudra says come on Lady baby, see the kid is so innocent, even you will have a child, universe wants your practice to start right away, come sit.

Shivaye coughs. He holds Anika and says you do strange things, how did you hang there. She says you are scolding as if I went to pluck raw mango and got hanged, I don’t understand, I think I got trapped in the net laid for catching wild animals. He says I told you not to go out. She asks are you fine. She walks ahead and says you would be thinking I m strange girl, I get hurt and hang to tree, won’t you tell anyone, everyone will laugh, will you say anything or be in silent mode. She turns and sees him lying unconscious. She gets shocked. She shouts Shivaye and runs to him. He holds him and shouts no, what happened Shivaye, open your eyes. She hears his heart beat. She takes him in her lap. She moves him and asks him to open eyes. She shouts Shivaye and cries.

Om looks for Shwetlana inside the house. Shwetlana says you got to know everything about me, please don’t tell anyone about me. She laughs and says you were expecting this reaction right. Om says stop your drama, you knew very well that I m following you. She says when man is smart, talking gets easy. He says got me here, can I know the reason. She says you will know everything, wait for some time. She holds him getting close.

Anika cries and says Shivaye… She turns and sees some cart platform. She drags Shivaye and makes him lie on it.

Sahil says that D name guy’s pic will be there in this phone. Tia asks Rudra to give her phone. Rudra says you are so possessive about the phone, does it have secret about which Anika said. Tia worries seeing Robin’s pic on screen. Anika says I love you Shivay, I just got to know I love you, don’t let our story end before starting, please get up for my sake Shivay.

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