Ishq Mein Marjawan 04 October 2017 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Update

Colors Ishq Mein Marjawan 04th October 2017 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 04 October 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (04.10.2017) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with Deep’s (Arjun Bijlani) mother says i am very happy today, my son is going to start a new life, she does his aarti.

Deep sits in mandap, pandit starts rituals, Deep’s assistant says i am worried sir is sitting alone in madap and we have no idea about bride.

Arohi’s Bhabhi and Bhaiya are worried as they are clueless about Arohi’s (Alisha Panwar) whereabouts. Bhabi says lets go and tell the truth to Deep’s family at least they will not blame us.

People at wedding talk about bride being later, pandit says the mahurat will pass by, call for bride, Deep’s father says we still have time, lets cancel the wedding, Deep says my heart says she will surely come.

At police station, Lakshya says Arohi will breakdown and today she will confess why she has killed so many people.

Arohi is looking at her parents picture and says today same thing is happening to me like what happened to you, you never got justice because of police, and today i have also done nothing wrong, still i am being kept here.

People at the wedding keep talking while Pandit also says that this is insult of wedding ritual, am also getting late. Aarohi’s family come to wedding venuw, Deep’s family check with them about Arohi.

Lakshya yells at his team as Arohi goes missing from poilce station, his cop asks what do you think, Arohi has run from here to marry Deep, Lakshya says may be Deep’s life is in danger, we have to warn him.

Arohi’s Bhabhi apologizes to Deep’s mother as she says that Arohi has run away from marriage. Deep says mom, how can you say that Aarohi ran away, may be she is taking time to get ready, someone says, see Arohi has come,

Arohi is dressed as bride and stands at the door. She comes towards Deep, she says Deep you only said that when i enter, everyone should be looking at the stunning bride, she adds, see i have come for you.

Deep takes her to the madap, She says thank you deep, Lakshya gets a call that Arohi and Deepa are getting married right now, he says this girl is smart, she ran away and went to marry Deep, i have to stop this marriage.

Deep and Aarohi are exchanging garlands, lakshya is driving fast, they take wedding rounds, lakhsya manages to reach in time, he is outside Deep’s house (gate) and gets hit by a car, Deep fills sindoor in Arohi;s forehead and then puts mangalsutra, Deepa and Arohi are married while laksh is lying injured outside the house.

Arohi sits in Deep’s room, he enters the room and says we got separated for a while and have met again, he tahnks her, he says from today my life is your and all your dreams are mine, i will try to fulfill all your dreams. He offers to celebrate the wedding with champange, he asks what happened, she pushes him away on bed and gets up and walks away from him, She holds a knife in her hand, while he comes and hugs her from behind, She turns back and holds the knife on his neck, he says i have given my life to you, you can kill me or let me go, if i have not been killed yet, this means you don’t want to kill me, he kisses her, she says how dare you, she again puts knife on his neck, she says you said you will not even touch me, and you are kissing me, she asks whats’s your intention, he says i just want to love you, he says i am among those who will die in your love, he calls her Tara Raichand, my lovely wife.

Tara drops the knife and walks towards him, she holds his hair and says so you knew that i am not Arohi and m your wife Tara. They both laugh and are happy. Arohi is seen dressed as bride elsewhere. Deepa and Tara lie down on bed Deep tells tara i can sense you not by your face but your footsteps, they are romancing, Deep’s mother enters the room and talks to Arohi that these days bride don’t be so much shy, Arohi says Deep knows so much about me but i don’t know more about him.

Tara says deep why are you with me, you should be with Arohi, he says are you testing me, i will always love you toll my death, Deep’s mother tells Arohi, you will slowly known about him.


Deeps says poor Arohi she has no clue what trap she is put into. Deep’s mother calls him from outside his room and asks him what is he doing, your wife Arohi is waiting for you. Deep and Tara shocked to hear Deep’s mother outside their room.

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