Ishq Mein Marjawan 10 October 2017 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Mein Mar Jawan Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th October 2017 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mein Mar Jawan 10 October 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (10.10.2017) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with Arohi asks who is Tara? Were you married to Tara? Deep is silent? Arohi says why are you silent, husband and wife relation is based on trust and you hid this thing from me.

Deep says i was not hiding anything from you, but didn’t have guts to say anthing. He says Tara is the girl who left me alone, i wanted to marry her, but she didn’t come on the wedding day and i was left disappointed on the wedding mandap. I don’t know why she did this and i haven;t met her yet.

Arohi gets emotional and says i don’t know why people do thos, Vishalso does this to me, Deep holds glass in his hands tighty and glass breaks, his hands start bleeding and Arohi does first aid to hi, she asks if he is hurt, he says we share the same pain in our relationship as both of us have gone through heartbreak, and now we have to start fresh, a life where there is trust, love and friendship. Arohi says you are right, we should be good friends and we share the same pain.

Inspector Lakshya packs his bags and is heading for Kota. rajasthan. His assistant says the serial killer was from Kota.

Deep’s family discuss that Deep and Arohi hould spend some time together after marriage. Deep brings Arohi to a place where it is dark, flower petals shower on her, the place is beautifully decorated in gold with candle light dinner set up. Arohi says Deep this is all very beautiful. Tara is listening to Deep’s family about Deep and Arohi and gets upset.

Arohi tells Tara was unlucky she left you, he says Vishal too didn’t realize your worth, well, let the past be, Arohi is happy to see her favourite cheese fondue and recollects how she had spilled cheese on Deep when they met first. they begin to feed each other and again she spills cheese on his blazers, they laugh off.

Deep is back with Aarohi to their mansion, Tara see them together and is upset. Deep see her in the balcony and is tensed.

Arohi thanks Deep for a good date, Tara is upset and bangs window, Arohi asks whats the noise, Deep makes an excuse.

Arohi enters the house and Deep’s mother asks them how was the date, Arohi says i am feeling bad, you must be thinking that i am your new daughter in law and i went out without meeting you, Deep’s father says its fine. Arohi requests Deep’s mother that she wants to make everyone’s favoruite food today, she goes to kitchen. Deep says i am going to my room. Deep’a father says if Aarohi cooks food and looks for you and you are not here what will she think.

Arohi is in the kitchen with the cook, the cook says i feel some ghost is here in this house, Arohi says you go and do some other work, i will do all the cooking, Tara is hiding and looking at Arohi. Tara says you like to play games nah, let me also play some game today, Arohi goes other side and Tara makes the gas fast, Arohi comes back and wonders how the gas flame became fast. Arohi again goes to bring some ingrdient and Tara makes the gas flame fast again, Arohi rushes to the gas as the tea spills from the container, Arohi feesls weird, she says i think someone is playing prank, She looks in the kitchen, Tara’s bracelet gets stuck in the curtain while Arohi is coming towards her, She think its is the cook Mosambi behind it, Deep comes and handle the situation. Arohis says it is you Deep who is making a prank on me, he says you didn’t like it. She continues with her cook.

Deep is upset and asks Tara what is doing, hy did she go to kicthem what if Arohi saw you, she shows him the bracelet that he had gifted her, She is in his room sittig on the bed, and says i ws getting bored, thats why i stepped out.

Arohi is praised by Deep’s family for all food cooked by them, Deep’s mother tells her to call her mumma and not aunty.

Deep tells Tara to go back to her room, Tara says i want to sit sometime and put my head on your shoulders, Arohi says let me take this sheera in a tray and go to Deep’s room, She heads for his room, She opens the door and says Deep see what have i got for you.


Tara is in Arohi’s room while she is sleeping. She has a knife in her hand and tries to cut the bracelet from Arohi’s hand and says what belongs to me, is mine.

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