Ishq Mein Marjawan 13 July 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Colors Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Today’s (13.07.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with …

Roma falls down as Tara accidentally hit her instead of Aarohi . Tara is angry that she accidentally killed Roma, she keeps shouting at Roma to make her get up. Aarohi says that she killed Danny and now Karma has hit her that her mom also got killed. Virat comes there and sees Roma dead ,he collapses he angrily asks Tara who killed mom, Tara says Aarohi. Aarohi says now the police catch her as she is really the culprit. The police arrest Tara and Tara threatens Aarohi and says that only one face will remain now onward and that is hers, she says that she will take the pheres with Deep not Aarohi.

Deep tells Aarohi that he is very angry that she went against him and came here but he is also very grateful that Aarohi is saved. Deep says that if Aarohi would have died today then he would have killed himself. Aarohi says no life is very beautiful.

Virat tells the poluce inspector that Tara held him at the gunpoint and so he had to support her he cries that his mom got killed because of Tara and he is the one who is arrested.The inspector says that they are trying to catch Tara but till then he has to stay in jail.

Its morning, Deep hugs Aarohi.He asks her if she likes the place,Aarohi says yes it’s beautiful.Deep says its not more beautiful than her,Araohi blushes.Deep says he hopes that the next seven hours will pass quickly.Aarohi akss why,Deep says our mahurat has seven hours to go.Aarohi feels scared suddenly, Deep asks her what happened. Aarohi tells Deep that she is scared that Tara will come here,Deep says that she won’t know that they are staying in this beach house and he says that Tara is abnormal. She killed her own mom who used to protect her from everything.He tells her to not to worry as now Tara will be weak as her mom is not there to protect her. Deep has brought a mehendi cone for Aarohi and tells that he himself wants to draw mehendi on her hand. Aarohi tells Deep that it is said that when the groom draws mehendi on the bride’s hand its considered very lucky and good for the bride.

Aarohi gets ready for the wedding.  It is shown that it’s not Arohi who is getting ready but Tara. Tara looks in the mirror and says that she is going to have a lot of fun as Deep bought a nice wedding dress for Aarohi but sadly she is also wearing a similar dress and now she is going to marry her husband. Deep goes to Aarohi and says that his bride is looking very beautiful, Aarohi also says that her husband is looking handsome. Deep escorts Arohi to the hall. Tara comes to the place and meets the pandit she goes to Raichand house. The pandit says that he doesn’t know where Deep is , but he told him to record the pooja instructions and mantras and send him which he did. Tara realizes that Deep purposely misled her by calling the pandit and telling him to come to the Raichand house.Tara is very angry.She says that Tara’s ambition is very dangerous she will reach where Deep and Aarohi are.

Deep and Aarohi go to the hall,he tells Arohi that he hasn’t called anyone ,there is no pandit also because he doesn’t want any problem.Deep plays a recording of the rituals and Deep and Aarohi do the rituals on their own.Arohi remembers all the good moments she has spent with Deep. Aarohi in her mind promises Deep that she will always stay with Deep and support him.  Deep puts sindoor on Aarohi’s forehead,Arohi wears the mangalsutra. Deep tells Aarohi that now she is his and no one can come in between their relation . Aarohi agrees with him. Deep feeds Aarohi laddoo, Aarohi also gives him some. Suddenly the lights go off…Deep tells Araohi to not to feel scared.He goes to check what has happened.

Deep goes to the power room,he tests all the wires and solves the issue. Deep looks around the house for Aarohi, he goe sto their room, Aarohi is there. Aarohi asks Deep why he took so much time. Deep and Aarohi have a romantic time together, Ishq Mein Marjawan title song plays in the background……

Deep gets up during the midnight, he looks at Arohi who is fast asleep,he smirks and leaves. There is a candle in the corner and the candle is kept on a wooden table ,it has almost burnt till the end,he sees the candle and leaves.


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