Ishq Mein Marjawan 13 June 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Today’s (13.06.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

Aarohi sees someone walking in Dilip’s room,  Aarohi gets a plant and scythe in Dilip’s room. In order to make him get up she acts like Tara and says she will kill Dilip, she cuts his kurta with the scythe. Dilip gets up,Aarohi is shocked. She looks at him, Aarohi says now I understand that you are not handicapped, She asks Dilip what is going to happen to Deep at 8 o clock.

Deep tries to call Arohi,her phone is out of coverage area. Danny comes with a knife from behind. He is about to hit Deep but till then a police officer comes and starts talking to Deep.He tells Deep that Aarohi’s case is on fast track, Deep says good,now everyone will be happy that a criminal like Aarohi will get punished.

Aarohi asks Dilip if he is playing all the cards,Dilip nods his head saying no,Aarohi asks Dilip what is going to happen at 8, who is trying to kill Deep? Dilip again nods his head. Aarohi says fine I will send to the police , Dilip blurts out saying no. He says don’t send me to the jail. Aarohi understands that Dilip can talk also. She asks why he has been deceiving her and Deep,Dilip tells her that Roma will kill him if she finds out that he is not paralyzed. He tells Aarohi that all he nows about Deep is that he came here when he was in college .He isn’t an orphan but he had a trauma and he had lost his memory. Roma took advantage of Deep’s trauma but the real information is with Roma only. He tells her that he acts like he is paralyzed because Roma wanted him to die, if she comes to know that he is all okay then she will kill him. Aarohi asks Dilip how is she supposed to believe what he is telling her,Dilip says I know that you are not Tara and I didn’t tell anyone about it because Tara is my child but she is an animal she is better off in the jail but you are a good person,you take good care of us you are an angel. He tells Aarohi that if Deep is in danger then she should go and save him. He gives his blessings. Aarohi runs out of the room to contact Deep.

Dilip laughs and says Aarohi is too naive ,she is a poor girl who trusts anyone . He laughs and says this game is too complicated for Aarohi.

Virat comes to the room, looking for Tara. Dilip sits on his wheelchair. Virat asks Aarohi why she has got all the gardening tools inside dad’s room, Aarohi says Deep got a new plant and she wants to plant it in dad’s room.Virat says okay,Virat then sees the cut on Dilip’s kurta. He asks Aarohi about it,Arohi says Dilip fell down the chair and she came here to help him,maybe the kurta tore when he fell down. Virat says okay and leaves.

Deep asks Danny why he is not talking because he usually talks too much. Danny says he has learnt to say less and do more. Deep says when people stop talking then their eyes speak more and eyes always speak the truth. Deep gives him a smirk.

Aarohi calls Deep, she asks him where he is.She sounds worried, Deep says he is in a cafe and there was network problem hence he couldn’t reach her. Aarohi tells him to stay away from Danny, Deep says Danny is with him only. Aarohi scolds him that she told him Danny is not a good person he shouldn’t trust him but still he is hanging out with Danny. Deep tells her to stop her nonsense. Aarohi screams in pain. Deep asks what happened and he frantically leaves. Danny asks what happened, Deep looks at him and doesn’t tell him.

Deep comes home,he asks the servant where Tara is . The servant says in her room. Deeo goes to the room and sees Aarohi with a bandage on her foot and head. Deep asks what happened, Aarohi syas she fell down the stairs while talking to him.Deep scolds her and tells her to take rest and lie down. Aarohi says she can’t walk so she isn’t able to go and sleep. Deep says I will change the bandage first,he takes out the bandage and understands that Aarohi isn’t hurt she is faking it.

The police tell Danny to come with him. Danny is confused.

Deep shouts at Aarohi for faking her injury .He says he doesn’t have time for her time pass and starts leaving. Aarohi says no ,then she tells Deep that her heart is hurting.Her heart is injured,Deep gets irritated. Deep starts to leave. Aarohi thinks that she has to keep Deep engaged, so she cuts her wrist , Deep shouts at her for her nonsense. He tends to her wound, Ishq Mein Marjawan plays in the bg… He brings ice and puts ice on her wound…He then puts ice on her neck,Aarohi smiles… It is shown that Deep puts some chemical in the ice and so Arohi falls asleep. Deep leaves.


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