Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th June 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Today’s (14.06.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

Aarohi wakes up,she has a headache. She wonders when she slept,she looks for Deep,its 7:59,Deep isn’t around. She calls Deep,his phone is switched off. She decides to go to the police station. She talks to the inspector and asks if he got anything out of Danny. Danny’s phone is with the inspector he forgot it. The inspector says Danny is a good lawyer he is innocent. Danny calls the inspector from an unknown number, Aarohi tells the inspector that this might be Danny’s boss’s call.So she tells the inspector to pick up and put it on speaker. It’s Danny,he tells his current location and asks if he can the his cell phone.The inspector says yes. Aarohi goes to the spot with the phone.

It’s dark.She hears Danny talk to his boss and Danny thanks him for giving 8 crores for his 8 days work.The boss nods and gives him a thumbs up. Arohi goes inside with a gun. The boss is Deep.

Aarohi asks Deep what he is doing here, she asks Deep why he gave 8crores to Danny. Aarohi remembers how Danny attacked her thrice, she looks at Deep and she tells Deep that all the attacks and everything has been happening since 8 days,she says that he is behind all the attacks. Aarohi tells Deep that she thought he is listening to his heart now but still he hasn’t changed.

Danny intervenes and says he is going to tell the truth.Deep stops him but Danny says he purposely left his phone in the police station so that she can come hear and hear the truth. Danny tells Aarohi that Deep had hired him for two things – to put Tara in jail and to scare Aarohi and make her run away. Aarohi is shocked. Danny tells Aarohi that all the crime records were in her name and Deep hired him to clear her name and catch Tara. Flashback is shown where Deep tells Danny to put Tara in jail instead of Aarohi and keep Aarohi safe as Tara in Raichand house. Then Danny tells Arohi that Deep wanted her to run away because he knew she is not safe here,he cared for her, Danny says there is one more big thing that he wants Deep to tell her the reason why he did all this. Deep tells him this is enough and tells him to stay quiet.

Tara is in the jail,she gets violent .Virat comes in front of her. Tara tells Virat that she will kill him too. The police put a permanent stamp on Tara’s skin to not let anyone get confused between her and Arohi.

Danny says to Aarohi I knew that you are very intelligent so he says he told Aarohi everything. Deep shouts at Danny for telling Arohi everything, Danny says it was very important to let Arohi know everything. Aarohi feels hurt she says she has been living in some joke. She holds a gun to her forehead and tells Deep that if he was so determined to send her away she will go away once and for all. Deep panics and pulls the gun he shouts at her and says he won’t let her kill herself. Aarohi says as it is she is dying everyday so better way she will kill herself once. Deep looks at her emotionally. Aarohi says she feels hurt that all of this was his plan. She tells him that she was scared something will happen to him today,she was excited to go to Rajasthan on the day he told Danny to kidnap her. She tells him that she felt he had started expressing his feelings to her in the past week but she was wrong everything was fake. She cries and leaves. Danny tells Deep to stop her. Deep doesn’t go he holds himself back.

At home,Aarohi cries looking outside the window.Deep comes there and puts his hand on her shoulder. Aarohi asks why he is here now. Deep says Tara will get her punishment after tomorrow’s hearing and Aarohi will be free forever. She will be free to go wherever she wants to go.

PRECAP : 15/06/2018 – At the hearing, Tara takes a gun and threatens everyone, Deep points his gun at her, Deep remembers his past and faints..

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