Ishq Mein Marjawan 16 April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Marjawan Written Update

Today’s (16.04.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with in the last episode, we saw that Virat informs Roma and Deepa that he found a dead body in the jungle and after his forensics investigation, he announces that Aarohi is dead.

Roma and Virat are happy and Virat apologizes to Deep for doubting him. Actually its is Tara who is dead. Aarohi (who is posing to be Tara) tells Deep to perform final rites of Aarohi. As Deep performs the rites, he recollects Aarohi’s love confession and his love confession. He gets saddened that Arohi is Dead. At the same time, Aarohi (who is posing to be Tara) who sees Deep performing the last rites, thinks that Roma, Deep and Virat are unaware of the truth and their destruction.

Now, in today’s episode, it would be seen that Deep confess to Tara (real aarohi) that he cannot that he killed Aarohi and burned her body. Tara (real aarohi) asks him if he still loves Aarohi? Deep says yes you are right. I loved Arohi. Tara (real aarohi) is stunned. Deep further adds that you (tara) have been a responsibility to me. I never loved you. Virat is there too.


Aarohi asks Deep why is mourning Aarohi’s death. Deep says because he loves Aarohi. He tells Aarohi that I never really loved you Tara , I have only loved Aarohi. Suddenly he says this is what you wanted to hear isn’t it? Fine , see how I fooled you right now? Same way I fooled Aarohi for you and all I get in return is your doubts and mistrust.Deep says this because he sees Virat coming. Virat tells him to stay calm and says let’s go for drinks. Deep goes with him.Aarohi says I felt like you really meant what you said , but ofcourse I forgot how you deceive people and fool around with them so easily.

In the morning Roma reads the paper and goes berserk after seeing news articles on her and her illegitimate child.Virat and Deep try to console her and say they will talk to the journalists. Roma says no that will be of no use. Aarohi goes to Virat and secretly tells him that if journalists are saying this then maybe they have a proof and maybe we really have a sister. Virat immediately asks Roma if the journalists really got any proof, Roma shouts at him for doubting her character. She tells him to get out and look for the proofs from the journalists. Aarohi says I also want to know the truth.Roma tells her to stay quiet and look after her child.Vedika beams at Aarohi from upstairs.

Deep calls the journalists and asks for the person who wrote these articles, the owner says I don’t know who wrote it.Deep says oh wow I will make sure your newspaper closes down.

Roma says to Prithvi that I had told you I will never accept that child because that child is a mistake. I let her live because you said you will take care of her, but I kept giving you all the financial support for staying shut about the past.She screams at him for letting the media know.Prithvi also shouts at her and tells her that he doesn’t know how this happened. Prithvi says I let my daughter suffer by making her stay away like foster child and now you are doubting me. Roma says what suffering I have only two kids Virat and Tara and this child is just a hurdle in my way to success and I will do anything to put her aside. . Prithvi  says what kind of a mother are you .Roma says isn’t your daughter’s name Vedika, Prithvi looks tensed and says how can it be Vedika are you mad and leaves the room.Roma laughs and says oh this is my Prithvi , I always understand when he lying.

Roma and Deep have a talk which is not shown . Deep comes out of the room and bumps into Aarohi, her dupatta gets entangles in Deep’s shirt button. Deep asks why are you worried Tara. Aarohi says I am worried about mom and her past.Deep says are you also doubting her. Aarohi says I am just orried about mom.Deep says we have called a press conference.

Vedika and Aarohi talk about Roma’s possible motives behind organizisng a press conference.

At the conference, Roma says my name is Roma Dilip Raichand and I come from a poor small village. I was very poor ,I faced a lot of struggles but I kept my self confidence intact. Despite of being so honest and working for the society, I have been defamed for having an illegitimate child, I will say this once and for all that I have only 2 children Tara and Virat. Whoever said I have this illegitimate child should get the child in front of me, I will retire from politics.Aarohi understands that Deep is missing and feels weird that Deep is missing.

She goes running into the house and sees Deep giving chloroform to Vedika.Roma continues her speech. Deep is trying to give chloroform to Vedika. Aarohi runs towards Vedika’s room and sees all the the things in the room lying around scattered.

At dinner Prithvi thinks why Roma is so cool . Roma asks Virat what happened ,are you worried about your character less mom?Don’t worry tomorrow only the journalists will say that there is no such child in this world. Aarohi says this means these people are going to hurt Vedika.Roma calls her for dinner. Roma says that girl who tried to defame me, I have got her now. Roma tells Aarohi to stop worrying and eat.Aarohi says no I don’t want to eat because I ‘m feeling odd. Roma tells Deep that see your wife is feeling unwell what to do now? Deep smiles and asks Aarohi to come with him.

Deep takes her to some place to a place where they will eat chat. Aarohi says what is this place, Deep says how did you forget this place? This place is your favorite chat spot.. Deep asks Aarohi what do you think about Vedika?

PRECAP:17 April,2018 -Deep and Roma torture Vedika with shocks and ask her to tell them who informed her about Roma. Aarohi cries and says Vedika is suffereing because of me and I will save her.



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