Ishq Mein Marjawan 16 July 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Update

Today’s (16.07.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with:

The episode starts with a three month leap…

Deep is painting, Aarohi is checking Chawanni’s test paper,she corrects Chawanni’s spellings , and scolds him. Chawanni asks Aarohi why english is so weird, full has a double l and rough has ough not ruff… Aarohi tells him its true that English is weird but he has to learn it. Deep intervenes and tells Chawanni that even he used to face the same problem he also used to get annoyed because English isn’t written like hindi,Hindi is simple, we write it as it is. Tara scolds Deep for taking Chawanni’s side, Aarohi says if Chawnni has dreams of becoming like Deep then he needs to study. Aarohi then tells Chawanni to improve his Hindi also, she tells him to get rid of his slang accent and pronunciation. Chawanni says he would have never used these pronunciations and accent if he would have met Arohi didi and Deep bhaiiyya earlier. Deep and Chawanni exchange glances.

Chawanni sees what Deep is painting , he loves the painting. Deep tells him to not tell Aarohi baout it as it is a surprise.

A truck is shown, Nia Sharma enters…She is stuck in the truck. The drivers say that they are going to sell the girl in the truck near the Nepal border. She doesn’t understand how she has reached here in truck,she remembers taking the vows with Deep on the wedding day.

Deep gets beautiful flowers for Aarohi, Aarohi blushes. Deep says to Aarohi that your face is my love, Aarohi says there used to be a similar face before,Deep says there used to be …she is gone forever now.

The truck drivers want to hide the girl because they are scared that somebody will catch the,.While they wait for tea, the girl (who is either Aarohi or Tara) gets down from the truck and runs away. She says she knows Deep is worried about her and thinks that she should find her way back to Deep’s place as soon as possible. She asks a passer by what place she is in, the person says that she is near the Maharashtra Haryana border.

Aarohi asks Deep why he is giving a party tonight and what is the surprise, Deep says he can’t reveal the surprise. Aarohi says she is scared, Deep says nothing has happened since the last 3 months and now nonthing can happen.

The girl goes to a PCO and asks the people there if they know Deep Raj Singh, she says he is her husband and she needs help.

Aarohi makes all the arrangements for the party, she puts flowers, arranges cakes. Chawanni is impressed that Aarohi remembers so many things,Aarohi tells him that it’s possible to improve our memory with practice, she tells him to finish off his studies before the party.

The girl sees a guy she thinks its Deep so she goes closer to him but the guy starts misbehaving with her,she sees a bus going to Nagpur and runs away gets into the bus.

Deep and Aarohi get ready for the party, Deep sees his name’s tattoo on Aarohi’s shoulder and says that this tattoo always reminds him that nobody can separate him from Aarohi. It’s Aarohi’s birthday hence the surprise party… Deep has invited many people. The police commissioner praises Aarohi for being so resilient after all of the trauma, but then he says that it’s really weird that he never found Tara. Deep tells him to leave her topic as he is happy that she is not disturbing them anymore.

The girl reaches Deep’s home, she tries to go in but the security guards stop her.She doesn’t understand why they aren’t recognizing her, so she gets inside, Deep is giving a speech about Aarohi and he is about to show his painting.He reveals a huge painting of Aarohi when she was dressed in the wedding dress, the girl cries with happiness looking at the picture. She calls out to Deep, Deep looks at her but doesn’t understand who it is, she comes running towards him and hugs him tightly, Deep doesn’t understand what is happening,everyone is confused. She says to Deep that she knows he loves him very much and that’s why he arranged such a big party for her on her birthday. She cries and tells him that she couldn’t live without him, but now fortunately she is back. Deep asks her if he knows he, he pulls himself away from her.The girl is shocked. Deep calls the security, he tells them that this girl isn’t in her right mind and they should take her away. The girl tells Deep that he shouldn’t joke around in this situation.Deep says she is the one who is joking because he hasn’t seen her before and she is claiming to be his lover.The girls keeps telling Deep that she has taken all the vows with him, she is his wife she is Aarohi and still he isn’t recognizing her. Aarohi enters from behind and asks Deep who is this girl,the girl sees the tattoo on Aarohi’s shoulder. Deep tells the girl that this is his wife and her name is Aarohi. The girl starts shouting and tells Deep that this person he is living with his is Tara, she then goes to Chawanni and asks him if he recognizes her. Chawanni tells Deep that she is a crazy woman, they throw her out . The girls sees her reflection in the mirror and doesn’t understand why she is looking different.She asks who’s face this is… she is also highly confused…

PRECAP : 17/07/2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan – The girl again tells Deep that she is the real Aarohi and he is living with Taara who changed her face somehow, Deep feels irritated while Aarohi is confused..

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