Ishq Mein Marjawan 16 May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th May 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Today’s (16.05.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

Aarohi says Deep will die but he will always be there in my imagination in my heart,she says I can see Deep,she hugs him …He pushes her away and says the wound is still fresh and it is hurting .

Roma and Virat act as if they are very happy,Roma talks about mother’s blessings.She says I knew Aarohi couldn’t do this, Deep says Aarohi is dead for me. He says Aarohi has no existence in my life. Aarohi cries, Roma says now why are you crying ,be happy now?She says if you want to stay with Deep then you can but you will never tell him that we were celebrating his death.Aarohi as Tara asks her if you hate Deep so much then why don’t you throw him out of the house.Roma says because he will take you with him and there is an important rule that we must keep our enemies closer than our friends.Aarohi says how is he an enemy,Roma says I don’t want to let Deep know about his parents.Aarohi is shocked,she asks Roma that everyone thought you brought him home from the streets and he was a foster kid,Roma says concentrate on your relationship and keep me informed about his new plans and decisions.

Aarohi says I need to find out who Deep’s parents are from Roma.She thinks Deep will be happy once he understands the truth.Deep tells Dilip that he is alive ,Aarohi gave me life but then she tried to take it away. He tells Dilip that he always protected Aarohi but she showed that she loved me and then she deceived me. He tells Dilip that now I don’t trust love, she took her revenge now we are fair in the game.Aarohi cries and says you are right Deep,you can be annoyed with me.

Deep is treating his wound,Aarohi goes there as Tara .She tells him to talk to him, he doesnt talk with her.She accidentally starts talking about things that he had told Aarohi,Deep catches that and tells her to stop acting and faking everything. Deep leaves.

Prithvi hears them, he tells Roma that I don’t think Tara will inform us about Deep because I saw her running after him begging him to stop and talk.

Deep goes to the boxing rink, he remembers all the moments he spent with Aarohi in London.Aarohi goes to Deep and gives him food,he shouts at her and tells her now is this a new drama,how much will you act in front of me Aarohi?He calls her Aarohi and Aarohi feels shocked. Deep says I know that you are playing new games ,I know that you are Arohi. He gives her a gun and tells her that shooting a bullet in the chest hurts a lot so he tells her to hit him in the head.Aarohi says no,Deep says kill me for once.Aarohi says she didn’t know he was her saviour in disguise so she wanted to kill him but now she knows he is innocent and she truly loves him.Deep says this is some new drama just to know where her bhabhi is. Aarohi is surprised to see this angry Deep.He says I’ll prefer you killing me over telling me that you love me,these words don’t suit you they are a joke when you talk about love.

Aarohi tells Deep that she can’t see him die,she has already seen each on one of her close relatives die.Deep says if you can’t see me die then I will do such things every day that will kill me. Aarohi says why don’t you expose me in front of the family?He says he doesn’t care anymore,I will nhate you, I will neither accept you nor will I throw you out.

Aarohi goes running behind him,he pushes her away.She gets hurt, it turns out that this was Tara. Aarohi comes there after Tara and wonders where Deep went.

Tara says I am getting this anger from Deep because of Aarohi and now I will win him back.

PRECAP:17 May 2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan -Tara says she will not kill Aarohi,she will show her that being Tara is not so easy….



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