Ishq Mein Marjawan 17 March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 17 March 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Today’s (17.03.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode will telecast Special Episode of Tu Ashiqui and Ishq Mein Marjawan.

The episode starts with Manav visiting Pankti’s house.Manav asks Anita for a permission to talk to Pankti alone.Tu Aashiqui and Ishq Marjawan episode starts…

Tu Ashiqui-Manav says to Pankti that I am not going to apologize for telling you to leave the house.He says that society and family demand certain duties and that day he was carrying out his duty.But now he is here to carry out one more duty,the duty of a father,he says that he has understood that she is meant to stay in Ahaan’s life and be a part of his family.Manav says that there is darkness but a single candle is enough to kill the darkness no matter how dark it is, and tells her to fight against JD  and be very strong and come out of the darkness.She asks what about Sheetal’s acceptance.Manav says you will have to fight for it ,but you should and I will be with you and you should start with attending the party.

At Ahaan’s home,Ahaan is very happy as he talks to Manav about him going to Pankti’s place and supporting them.Manav and Ahaan are both very happy.JD is not happy with what Manav has done..

Ishq Mein Marjawan- Aarohi is thinking about Virat and Deep and what might have happened at the dancers place.Deep and Virat come back smiling ,Aarohi is standing outside the house,she asks Deep is Virat’s misunderstanding got cleared.Deep jokingly says that they were saying Deep told them to do so but they didn’t recognise him.Virat says well he is going to find out who is the real person behind all of this.Deep says it might be Kesari,Prithvi says let’s not reach to any conclusion but Virat and Deep stop him. Roma is happy to see Virat,Deep hugs Taara and looks very happy.It looks like Deep is planning something.Roma says let’s throw  a party now that Virat is back,Deep says yes we will but not today because today we are already attending JD’s party.Aarohi doesn’t know about this. Deep tells her to get ready and look her best,Aarohi thinks that this is some new plan .

Virat says to Deep that he can’t control his anger in front of Taara.Deep tells him to stay patient for a while.Virat says that it’s high time we need to find out who’s betraying us from the family.

At Ahaan’s place,JD shouts at Manav for calling Pankti.Aparna says there is nothing wrong in it,you leave her life and all will be well.

Aarohi goes to meet Taara.Sh tells her that she is going to meet Niku now and Deep is waiting for his child. Tara says that she should stop dreaming because she still doesn’t know where Niku and her bhabhi is and that is not getting her anywhere.Taara says she can tell her on one condition-if Aarohi lets her meet Deep for one day.Aarohi agrees.Chawanni scolds Aarohi for agreeing to this deal,but Aarohi says that now Virat and Deep have really become suspicious of her and she needs to let Taara go and convince them that it’s really Taara.Only Taara can make her safe from the suspicion. Aarohi gives Taara party clothes and earrings, there’s a speaker in the earrings so that she keeps a check on what Taara is telling toDeep.

Pankti enters Ahaan’s house,and she remembers what Sheetal and Manav has said about her.Pankti touches Aparna’s feet,Ahaan tells her that today’s party should go well,buck up.Kaira is very happy to see Pankti and jokes around with her and Ahaan.Vikram gives Pankti a disgusting look.JD introduces the Rising Star contestants to everyone and then calls Panti to get her introduced to the audience.Ahaan goes with her.Manav and Aparna are tensed.JD shakes hands with Pankti and introduces her by calling her ‘shrimati’ the guests are shocked to hear that she is married,but then JD says that he might be mistaken.She is a ‘Kumari’ He then says that she is the winner of the wild card entry round in Rising Stars show,

Deep and Aarohi enter the party. Aarohi sees Pankti and Ahaan and nudges him to go meet them. Aarohi hugs Pankti.Deep says that Taara loves watching movies,Aarohi says of course and who knows her better than him.Aarohi goes away from the place and Tara and Chawanni are waiting for her.Aarohi tells Tara to go join the party but warns her to stay in her limits or else she will kill her and Deep.Taara hugs Deep and gets emotional,she hugs Deep but Deep doesn’t understand why she is suddenly getting so emotional.Deep compliments her by saying that she is looking beautiful.

Richa shows the engagement day video to Vikram where Anita is talking about Pankti and JD ,she says lets show this video to everyone. Pankti and Ahaan are in Sheetal’s room,Pankti is crying and suddenly she sees Sheetal’s hands move.But the nurse denies it,and Ahaan tells her that sometimes we start seeing what we have been badly wanting to see.

The party starts with songs by Rising Stars contestants.Richa tells Vikram that Jayashri will show a video now ,let’s switch their DVD with this engagement video of Anita. Suddenly JD calls him and tells him to talk to other people and not stay in a corner .

Deep starts to leave to get drinks for Taara,Tara tells him to wait and listen to her.Deep says we have known each other for 12 years and 7 months now,but Taara says that they have known each other since the time she was 7 years old.Deep says right.Aarohi is listening to everything that Taara is saying because of the earrings. Deep asks where is Vishal(Aarohi’s boyfriend’s0 ring? Taara feels irritated and tells him that he himself threw it away and told her to forget the past.Tara tries to tell him about Aarohi’s truth,but Aarohi tells her to stop otherwise she will kill her,Tara doesn’t understand that there is something in the earring but she obviously feels scared and stops.She indirectly tells Deep that things are not what they appear to be, again Aarohi speaks and tells her to get to the point and give her the information on Niku and bhabhi’s whereabouts. Deep asks her why she’s looking so worried. Taara is very irritated with Aarohi’s voice that she is hearing,she finally asks Deep where Niku and Babhi. Deep says stop caring for others kids, remember what names we had decided for our kids Taara tells him the correct names.All this time Deep is testing if it’s Taara or not,but Taara answers him correctly all the time so Deep finally feels assured that it’s really his Taara and not Aarohi. Taara takes a wine glass and starts drinking,Aarohi tells her to stop, again Tara feels irritated to hear her voice.But she doesn’t keep the glasss down.Aarohi thinks of an idea to stop her from drinking-she sends Pankti to Taara ,Pankti calls her and takes her somwhere.

Aarohi hears Vikram that he is going to replace the DVD. Aarohi decides to do something about it.Aarohi calls Ahaan and asks him if Vikram and Richa have any problem with Pankti,Ahaan asks why? Aarohi says there is some engagement video that they are going to show and it looks like it’s going to show her in a badlight. Ahaan goes to Vikram and angrily asks him what he is going to do,Vikram doesn’t answer him properly. Ahaan realises what Aarohi was trying to say and  Aarohi switches the DVD with the original one.Finally the right DVD gets played, Vikram and Richa fail.Pankti is called on stage to sing. Pankti starts going to the stage, till then police come in and call for Pankti and Ahaan and ask them to come with them as there is complaint against them that they beat some people a few days back.JD plays the hero and sends them away.Deep escorts the police outside, Taara tells him that Aarohi is alive.Deep says yeah he knows it.

Jayashri Productions heads say that now they don’t trust Pankti ,police came to call for her now they don’t to work with her.Aarohi intervenes and says that’s not fair,you can’t judge her for this.She says maybe she was just defending herself from the people,maybe the people were troubling her.She asks what’s the use of your ideal movies if you are so judgemental about women.The producers take their words back. Pankti thanks Aarohi,Aarohi says she’s happy for her and takes her leave.

PRECAP-19TH March Monday, Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan asks Vikram what he was trying to do in the party…

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