Ishq Mein Marjawan 18 May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th May 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Today’s (18.05.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with –

Deep asks Aarohi what she is looking for in his cupboard?He says you won’t find anything tehre that will tell you how to win you back, Aarohi says you betrayed my love,you made fun of my innocence, you sent me to jail now what are you doing?You are taking revenge of my revenge…which is not possible. Deep says Deep is dead, you made me hate you,now I will hate you till my last breath. Aarohi says you won’t be able to hate me, because you have always acted as if you love Tara ,but you have actually loved me. Deep chokes her and asks her where is Tara,Deep says did you kill her alos…Aarohi says I sent her to jail,I framed her just like she framed me,she must be in London’s jail.Deep leaves to find Tara, Arohi says if you really cared about her you  would have asked me about her the day you got here,Deep pays no attention and leaves.

Roma praises Deep’s intelligence in front of Prithvi and Virat.She says he is very intelligent,she sees Virat annoyed she says what happened are you upset because I praised Deep,Virat says you do everything on purpose he is about to start quarreling but Prithvi says we have talked on this before so lets drop the topic. Bindiya is worried as her dada ,Maharaj is missing.

Deep calls John and tells him to look for Tara,he sends her Tara’s photos and tells him to inform him once he finds out where Tara is.

Aarohi takes Deep’s locket and tries to see how his mom looks like,the picture is very old and it has faded so she takes it out of the locket with a needle.In the process the picture gets torn. She finds a name carved on the locket- Singhal Raj,she wonders what this is so she googles the name and find out that it is a famous jewelry shop.She finds their phone number on google and calls,the jeweler is based in Rajasthan,Aarohi tells him that there is an old locket made in his shop and she wants to find out who it’s owner is. The jeweler says we make crores of lockets every year so the chances are thin but he tells her to find out the manufacturing no that is carved inside ,that might get her somewhere. Aarohi starts reading out the number but Deep pulls out the locket from her and screams at her for tearing the picture.He blames her for all the sadness in his life. Aarohi promises to find out about his parents.

Roma tells Prithvi that we need to get commercial licenses , so that we will get more profits. She tells Virat to go to the attic and get blueprint of the previous project.Virat tells her that the attic has too much of garbage there,Deep’s things are also kept there. Roma says memories are to be stored safely and sometimes they are useful to use against the people and smiles. Aarohi hears this and goes to the attic.

Virat gets the blue print and gives Deep’s toys and childhood things to Deep.Arohi sees Deep get emotional on seeing his childhood toys and other things,Deep talks to his mom and hopes she is there with him. Arohi goes and consoles Deep but Deep pushes her away and tells her to not sympathize with him,she says you mom is alive,Deep says what you think,I didn’t try to find her… Then he tells her to worry about herself and look for Chawanni and bhahi,she says she doesn’t worry about them because she knows he has kept them safe. Deep says I don’t know if they are begging on roads or crying somewhere I haveno idea where they are, he tells her to leave.Deep says there is still time,she should think about herself and her people ,she should leave and find them.He says if Raichands find out that she is Arohi then they will burn her alive,Aarohi goes towards him he pushes her away and she falls down.Deep shows no care,he tells her that he is not the same caring Deep anymore.

Aarohi decides to leave,Aarohi writes a letter …she writes that she is leaving because he has broken him and she is so sad that now even she feels broken,so she has no reason left to stay in his life. She opens the closet to keep all the clothes in the bag and she finds maharaj’s dead body there. Everyone comes there,Bindya cries , Roma promises her that she will find this person who has killed maharaj and tells Prithvi and Virat to check cctv cameras.

PRECAP:19 May 2018 -Ishq Mein Marjawan Virat asks Aarohi referring to her as Tara why she killed Maharaj,Aarohi says she didn’t kill him ,she receives Tara’s message ,Tara has planned to frame her in Maharaj’s murder as Tara.


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