Ishq Mein Marjawan 19 March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th March 2018 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Episode

Today’s (19.03.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with Aarohi coming outside to see where Taara and Deep are. Aarohi finds them, Taara is trying to tell him the truth but she feels distracted by the noise coming from the earrings.Taara sees Aarohi standing near a tree and goes to her so that Deep will follow her and find the truth himself. Taara goes towards Aarohi.Aarohi and Taara argue,Taara says you have stolen her home,her family and her husband.Aarohi smiles,Taara pulls out the earrings and screams at Aarohi for troubling her with the earrings.She calls out to Deep to get him to see Aarohi. Deep comes near the place where they are standing. Aarohi feels scared,Chawanni and his friends come and give Taara chloroform because of which she faints.They take her away in time and Deep sees Aarohi.

Deep finds Aarohi, he asks her why she was screaming why she was acting weirdly. Aarohi says it’s because of her pregnancy maybe.Deep says they should see the doctor.Aarohi shouts at him and says that she understands Deep is doubting her and that’s why the doctor.Deep says sorry for doubting her.Aarohi says she understands that’s why he was taking a test,asking her old things just to ensure that she is Taara.Deep says sorry and hugs her.

Prithvi tells Virat that maybe Taara and Deep are conspiring against them.Prithvi says that its some plan by Taara and Deep is supporting her.Till then Deep and Aarohi enter,Virat asks Deep if Taara  is guilty or not guilty? Deep says now is not the time to talk about this. Virat asks Aarohi why she tried to defame him,he shouts at her,Deep jumps in but Aarohi tells him to stay away. Aarohi says she did all of this because she found out that Virat was behind the accident that happened with her during Holi.Aarohi says that she knows he tried to burn her alive because she is pregnant and mom has given half of the property to her unborn child.Virat feels guilty, Deep is shocked and he hits Virat.Virat tries hitting him back, till then Roma enters the scene and asks why they are fighting.Nobody answers but then Prithvi says that there are fighting because they couldn’t get anything out of the dancers.Roma scolds them for fighting for such a small reason. She says they should learn to stay calm as Taara is pregnant and takes Aarohi to her room. Deep threatens Virat to behave himself or else he will tell Roma everything and then he will have to face the consequences.

Aarohi is sitting in her room,till then Deep comes and covers her eyes.He tells her to come with him as there is a surprise.Deep takes her to a new room and Aarohi opens her eyes to see ballons and beautiful decorations in the room.Deep apologizes for spoiling her mood by doubting her all this time and promises her that from now on he will be a good husband and she will see him being a good father. Deep looks very excited.He shows her all the toys and clothes that he has got for their child.Aarohi looks on..she acts happy as Taara would have but she feels weird to see Deep talking so innocently and feeling happy genuinely.

Deep and Aarohi are sleeping,they hear Roma shouting out their names.Deep wakes up and Deep and Aarohi go to see Roma, Roma says this is misfortune.She sees the room decorations and the toys and sclothes that Deep has brought. She tells Aarohi and Deep that we usually don’t tell anyone outside the family about pregnancy before completing first 3 months of pregnancy.Deep feels bad hearing about the misfortune.Deep says he just did everything to see Taara happy.Roma says so we have an idea for that,she gives Deep a list and tells him to get her favorite vegetables.Deep says okay,then Roma tells him that you have to cook everything for Taara. Deep and Roma are very happy,Deep says he will do anything to make Taara feel happy and goes out to get the vegetables. Roma tells Aarohi to have fun and be happy,she tells her to enjoy these days and have fun.She says this house needs happiness otherwise it’s just become a court these days.Aarohi smiles, but in her mind she says that this house doesn’t deserve happiness.This family has always got its happiness by destroying other people’s peace and happiness and so she won’t let them see any nice things happening.

PRECAP: 19th March,2018 Tuesday-Deep is lovingly feeding Aarohi something that he has cooked for her,he says he will be the best husband and the best father.He says that he is very happy for his wife and child,Aarohi is smiling and says that she will destroy him with this happiness and complete her revenge

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