Ishq Mein Marjawan 23 May 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Update

Today’s (23.05.2018) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode starts with-

Tara hands Deep a gun and tells him to shoot either one of them,she tells him that she wants to see who he wants to live with, Aarohi or Tara. She tells Deep that the gun is real and there are bullets in the jail and she is serious about this killing thing. She says I have 6 reasons to hate Aarohi, she tells all the reasons and says that the last reason is snatching away Deep from me, she talks about Deep obsessively. Deep sees how crazily she is acting.

Virat and Prithvi search Deep’s room for some evidence that will prove that Deep is siding with Aarohi. He is angry he tells Prithvi that he knows that Deep is a traitor, they don’t find anything.

Aarohi thinks that Deep loves me but he wont kill Tara,she thinks that it is better to get killed at Deep’s hands, Deep says I have thousands of reasons to kill Aarohi,she played with my emotions she destroyed our family.. Suddenly lights go out, he shoots in darkness.

Virat tells Roma that this is very stupid that we are still trusting Deep who is actually on Arohi’s side. Roma says this is true we needto be careful around him.Virat says where is Tara and Deep,Roma says I have fixed a tracking device in Tara’s ring yesterday (so basically Arohi is wearing the ring). Roma tracks the ring and find out that Tara is in their Hill house, all three of them go there.

Tara looks for Aarohi. Deep looks for Tara. Arohi comes out and tells Tara that she isn’t hiding, Tara is about to shoot Arohi,but Arohi acts like Deep is shooting Tara so she shouts at Deep,Tara gets distracted and Arohi takes her gun and tells her that now the tables have turned. Aarohi tells her her reasons why she wants to destroy all the Raichands. Tara says you can’t kill me because then you will never know where bhabhi has been kept. Roma,Virat and Prithvi reach there.

Tara is happy she starts telling them that Arohi has been staying in the house as Tara. Roma says I know who is Tara because I gave my Tara the ring and she says that Tara doesn’t have it, Prithvi points to Arohi and says Arohi is also not wearing it. Aarohi says it fell somewhere. Tara throws tantrums and says you are my mom, but still you can’t recognize me and this is a joke. Aarohi says I came and talked to you mom, Tara says 6 months this Arohi has stayed in my house and she had kidnapped me and kept me in a store house for so long.Tara says I remember mom’s words,I remember what mom told me when I had commited my first murder,she tells Roma what she had said and says if I hadn’t been the real Tara then I would’nt have known such an old thing. Roma believes her for a second but then Deep comes there.

Deep says old things won’t prove anything, as tehy both know everything about each other. Deep says i have a way , Virat says I don’t want your method because I don’t trust you.Tara says Deep says give them a gun and tell them to kill me, give each one 5 seconds we’ll understand who’s who. He gives the gun to Tara. He counts till 5, Arohi puts the gun on his head, and she says that she can’t kill Deep, she will kill herself instead that’s easier for her. Virat and Roma smile, Tara is still pointing her gun towards Deep.

Tara says you are a traitor Deep,you have no right to live ,commissioner comes there… Deep says this gun didn’t have any bullets and refers to Tara as being Aarohi. The commissioner says finally Seeta and Geeta are together, Deep says now I will tell you which one is Arohi. This person who was ready to kill me, but Tara is my true love she will never kill me. In short he proves to the police that Aarohi is his real wife and calls her Tara,whereas he calls Tara as Aarohi and tells the commissioner that she is the real serial killer my family’s enemy and she was ready to kill me also right now.

The commissioner arrests Tara, and says that I won’t leave you Deep. She creams and throws tantrums. Tara screams and says you are a traitor,I hate cheaters… Tara cries and screams,she keeps asking for help.

Aarohi thinks how did Deep save her and send Tara in jail,she says I have an idea to sort this out.

PRECAP:24 May 2018 Ishq Mein Marjawan- Roma and Virat think that they have arrested the real Tara , Aarohi tells Deep that she is Arohi not Tara, Roma listens.


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