Ishq Mein Marjawan 27 September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Colors serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th September 2017 Written Update, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 27 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (27.09.2017) Ishq Mein Marjawan episode featuring Arjun Bijlani (Deep) and Alisha Panwar (Aarohi) starts with Arohi leaves. Deep says listen, may I drop you? She says not today some other day maybe. She leaves. Deep looks at her sad.

Aarohi calls someone and tells him he broke up. He will tell everyone. We will do what we planned. She sits in a cafe. The waiter serves her pasta. She says someone ordered this pasta for me. I don’t know who. Is it Dev? A guy comes to her seat. She is dazed to see him. She says you.. He says I won’t stop following you like Deep. I know what you like. She says thats why I love you so much. She hugs him. Vishal hugs her back. He says you know what.. I feel like Deep would do something. She says I would kill him. Deep is looking at them. He is dazed.

Vishal and Arohi sit together. He says you care about people not me? We spent time  with me and then you came here. Do you know what I felt? She says I had to come here these were my circumstances. He says I know. She says I really love you. He says Deep is really handsome. She says how do you know him?

Deep comes near a cliff. he recalls Arohi staying away from him always. He recalls her hugging Vishal.
Vishal says he is my competitor. A lot of girls like him but you don’t. She says are you cheating on me? I hate cheaters. He says I would never betray you. She says i would be dangerous as an enemy. he laughs. He says what would you do if he does something? She says I will kill him if he cheats on his promise.

Deep says you should have told me before Arohi. He comes near the edge of the cliff. Deep calls sheru and says something.

Arohi comes home. Ridhi says it was Maya’s call. Arohi says they cancelled the wedding? Ridhi dances.. Nikhil says what is it? Ridhi says Maya said you wont tell the date so we will. The wedding if after two days. I am so happy. Tomorrow is mehndi. They are so nice. They would spend on everything. Nikhil says we will spend of course. She is my only sister. Arohi will live near us. We can always meet her. Ridhi says go and get ready. Deep is coming to pick you. He wants to take you somewhere special. Look hot.

Arohi comes to her room angry. She says you are a cheater Deep.

Arohi gets ready in her dark clothes and dark makeup. She keeps her knife with her.
Sheru asks Sushant have you seen deep? He is nowhere his phone is off. Sanaya says he wanted to take Arohi shopping. Sheru says how do you like Arohi ma’am? She looks a little rude. Sushant says no she is very nice. Deep knows what he is choosing.

Laksh comes to the old woman. he says what is this flower of cost? She says I dont’ know anything. Laksh says how can you say no to a customer? ama says I told her not to marry. It will be bad for both. No one listens to me. Wedding is such a ruin. Laksh says whom is she talking about? His constable tells his Deep is marrying very soon.
Laksh says we have to stop this. Take out all the young girls from his list.

Deep is walking. Arohi is walking behind him. She calls Deep. Arohi says you told me you would handle everything. He says I didn’t have an option. I have another plan. We can still do something. Meet me at the address I sent you.


Laksh says it these pretty faces there is one of Arohi. Keep an eye on this girl. Deep says to Arohi your secret came in front of everyone. He shows her something in his phone. She says how you got these photos?

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