Ishqbaaz 04 September 2017 Written Episode Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 04th September 2017, Ishqbaaz 04 September 2017 Episode Full Update

Today’s (04.09.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Anika gives rice and lentils to Shivaay to cook as per their budget, shivaay says he can make a variety of things with this. Bhavya challenges Rudra to earn 25000 in a week. Om agrees to fight with the man’s grandson.

Sometimes Back …Anika and shivaay go to Anikas small house, Shivaay wants to call the helpers for cleaning the house, shivaay feels hot but Anika does jugaad to get in fresh air, they have a romantic moment. Bhavya is surprised to know that Rudra gets 25000 for a week as his allowance. Bhavya says that her salary is 32000 a month. Rudra gets hyper and Bhavya challenges him to earn 25000 in a week. Anika shows Shivaay the stove, he gets confused seeing it.

Om and Gauri ask the man about the statue, he denies knowing anything about it, Rudra takes Chubbys help. Shivaay makes a delicious daal tadka for Anika, but when he tastes it its very spicy. Anika starts shouting at him. They remember how they met and anika gives water to him with her own hands. Gauri snd Om meet the dangal guru, he tells him that the murti that he possesses was stolen by their servant and sold it to him and asks him to return it.

The man says that he won’t return the murti as his grandfather was is biggest rival and because of him he left wrestling. Gauri starts fighting with the man, Om tells her to keep quiet and says that the murti is not as important as her. Om agrees to fight the man’s grandson, rudra asks for 10000rs from dadi for fixing the tap. Bhavya comes in and dadi gives him 500rs. Bhavya makes fun of him. He gives his first earning to Bhavya. Shivaay sleeps with anika on the floor. Lights go off in their house and Anika gets scared, Shivaays hugs her and comforts her. anika gives little information about her past, Shivaay gives her strength. He tells her that he’l protect her forever.

Ishqbaaz 05 September 2017 Precap

Om fights practices wrestling with the guards and then Gauri and Om share a romantic moment.

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