Ishqbaaz 10 April 2017 Written Episode Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus Ishqbaaz Written Update 11th April 2017 Ishqbaaz 11.04.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Ishqbaaz 11 April 2017 episode starts with Anika dancing on round stage under which Soumya is kept hostage, Anika tries to notify Shivaay. Kamini tells Mahi that he needs to kill Shivaay so that he can live in Oberoi Mansion as Shivaay permanently.

Sometime back… Pinky tells Dadi that once Sangeet is over, Shivaay and Ranveer will expose Mahi. Mahi forcefully takes Anika with him and threatens to kill Soumya. Mahi takes Anika on the stage and shows captivated Mahi underneath. Mahi warns Anika that if she goes close to Shivaay, the stage will break and along with the dancers, Soumya will die. Sangeet ceremony starts. Rudra dances, Anika cautiously watches Ranveer. Dadi and Pinky join Rudra in the dance. Anika and Shivaay see each other, Anika wonders how to inform Shivaay about Mahi’s plan.

Shivaay starts walking towards Anika, Mahi sees them, Anika notifies Shivaay to go back, Shivaay goes back. Mahi watches over Anika. Kamini, Mahi, and Ranveer have a meeting, where Ranveer tells them that Shivaay is waiting for the Sangeet to get over. Kamini says Shivaay needs to die. Kamini plans to get Shivaay killed through Mahi so that Mahi can live in Oberoi Mansion as Shivaay. Mahi refuses, Kamini forces Mahi to kill Shivaay. Ranveer watches over, Mahi takes the gun.

Rudra calls Anika on the stage. Anika remembers the other keyword for danger situation ‘Oye Oye’. Anika tells Rudra to change the song, Anika dances on ‘Gajar Ne Kiya Hai Ishara’ song. Shivaay looks at Anika, she tries to point at Soumya. Shivaay wonders. Anika dances around Ranveer and Mahi. The song plays the words ‘Oye Oye’, Shivaay immediately remembers Anika’s code. Mahi gets engaged in talking to someone. Anika thinks of using the opportunity to inform everything to Shivaay, but Shivaay vanishes. Anika decides to look for Shivaay, Mahi gets shocked to see Anika missing. Mahi tells Kamini that they should run away with what they have got, Kamini refuses as she wants 200 Cr worth diamonds. Kamini tells Mahi that he must announce Priyanka’s pregnancy to the family, Mahi feels bad for Priyanka and tries to refuse Kamini, Kamini once again forces Mahi. Anika tries to call Shivaay, he is not reachable. Oberoi family stands worried. Anika thinks of telling Oberoi family about Ranveer and Kamini, Kamini asks Anika if Anika told everyone. Pinky asks Kamini to tell, Kamini says this wedding can’t happen, everyone gets shocked. Kamini says that this wedding cannot take place tomorrow, but has to take place within next 20 minutes. Oberoi family gets shocked. Media comes in and questions Oberoi family for getting Priyanka married urgently, Flashback is shown where Kamini informs media to come over. Pinky and Tej object to Kamini, Kamini says Shivaay has agreed already. Mahi comes in and says this wedding will take place now. Shakti says how can preparations be done so soon, there needs to be a Mandap. Mahi points out to the stage under which Soumya is captivated and points out warning at Anika. Mahi says Anika can arrange things fast, Anika finally agrees, Ranveer and Kamini smile. Kamini tells Anika to make Priyanka ready. Anika looks at Mahi.


Mahi tells Kamini that she is doing wrong, Priyanka tells Pinky that everything is fine, Mahi says he had told Ranveer that nothing should happen to Shivaay, Anika asks Priyanka to give her wedding joda (outfit)

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