Ishqbaaz 10 May 2017 Written Episode Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 10th May 2017, Ishqbaz 10.05.2017 Written Episode 

Today’s Ishqbaaz 10 May 2017 episode starts with Nayantara accusing Shivaay of hiding Nayantara’s relation with Anika as she is a bar dancer. Shivaay tries to tell the truth to Anika, however, Anika gets angry with TV news that says Shivaay tried to buy Media for not letting out Anika’s past.

Some time back… Nayantara gets mesmerized by all the decorative pieces in the Oberoi Mansion. Nayantara tells Shivaay that she wants to meet her daughter, Shivaay says she is out. Nayantara says if she knew that Anika would be getting married in such a wealthy home, she would have left Anika. Shivaay gets angry with Nayantara’s attitude. Shivaay tries to look for similarities in Nayantara and Anika, Nayantara catches Shivaay watching her. Shivaay thinks that Anika is totally different than Nayantara. 

Shivaay asks Nayantara about Anika’s father, Nayantara says even she is unaware of Anika’s father as there were many men in her life. Shivaay feels disgusted, Pinky comes worried, Nayantara hugs Pinky tightly. Omkara meets Anika, Anika wonders how to inform Omkara about Mahi and Shivaay’s truth. Anika covers up the matter saying she called Omkara as she was feeling unwell. Anika sits in Omkara’s car and thinks that she has to be very careful as her mistake can cost the Oberoi family. 

Shivaay tells Pinky that Anika must not know about Nayantara and to throw Nayantara out of Oberoi Mansion. Pinky refuses. Shivaay tries to buy time from Pinky as he wants to make sure that Nayantara is really Anika’s mother. Pinky gets angry with Shivaay, Pinky warns Shivaay that he cannot change the truth and that Anika is Nayantara’s daughter. Pinky says even if she may throw Nayantara out, she will keep coming to see Anika again and again. Shivaay leaves, reporters start probing Shivaay over Anika and Nayantara. Shivaay calls off the press conference and asks  Khanna to give away cash to the reporters to suppress the news. Pinky tells Nayantara that Shivaay wants her to leave, but as Nayantara starts to leave, Pinky reminds her that Pinky has given her money to act as Anika’s mother and that Nayantara must act like Anika’s mother. Pinky tells Nayantara to make drama to not leave Oberoi Mansion. Pinky warns Nayantara to stay in Oberoi Mansion at any cost. Pinky thinks it will be fun when Anika meets her fake mother. Anika comes in Oberoi Mansion in a flustered mood Shivaay too is in a flustered mood. Shivaay and Anika come in front of each other, Shivaay remembers Nayantara and sees her behind Anika. Shivaay takes Aniak away suddenly and makes her sit in the bedroom. Shivaay gets angry with Pinky for not throwing Nayantara out. Shivaay decides to do it himself. Shivaay sees Anika and Nayantara talking to each other. Nayantara asks Anika about Pinky’s room, Anika shows the direction. Nayantara tells Anika that she is here to meet her daughter, Anika gets confused, Shivaay gets shocked. Before Anika can tell her name, Shivaay takes Anika away. Shivaay makes Anika sit in the bedroom and tells her to watch TV. Shivaay tells Anika to not leave the room, Anika gets confused. Nayantara asks Shivaay about Anika, Shivaay tries to cover up and tells Nayantara to leave. Nayantara blames Shivaay that he doesn’t want Nayantara to meet Anika. Nayantara says the girl Shivaay took in the bedroom is Anika. Nayantara says because she is a Bar Dancer, he is not letting Nayantara meet Anika. Shivaay finally says that he doesn’t want Nayantara to meet Anika as he is scared of Anika’s reaction. Shivaay says he wants Anika to be prepared before meeting Nayantara. Shivaay says he will call Nayantara when Anika is prepared. Nayantara refuses to trust Shivaay. Shivaay gets angry as Nayantara starts making crying drama. Shivaay threatens Nayantara of calling the Police, Nayantara gets shocked and mellows down. Nayantara says she will come the next day. Shivaay gets worried about Anika’s reaction of knowing about her mother. Shivaay goes in the bedroom, the news reporter on TV says that Shivaay tried to suppress the news of Anika’s mother being a bar dancer with money. Anika questions Shivaay if this is a true news.


Anika accuses Shivaay that he did not let Anika meet her mother as Shivaay does not want Anika to meet her mother. Anika says Shivaay gets affected by Anika’s Naam, Khoon, and Khandan.

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