Ishqbaaz 11 August 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus Ishqbaaz 11th August 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaz 11 August 2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s (11.08.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Anika prays for Shivaay and senses Shivaay around her. She runs to the door. Shivaay comes back to Oberoi Mansion, Anika cries seeing him. She asks him that they should forget everything and that she will tell him everything.

Some time back…

Rudra asks Police about Shivaay on call, Pinky asks Rudra what did the police say, Rudra dose not tell anything to Pinky, she gets upset. He tells Pinky that she cannot make his house a home by breaking relations. He gets worried for Anika while she hides her tears from Rudra. He tries to cover up Shivaay’s news. Rudra sees Pari’s feeder and makes Anika the god time spent she and Shivaay spent with Pari. He tries reduce Anika’s tension, She says thank you to Rudra, Bhavya see this and and gets overwhelmed.

Gauri tells Anika to have faith in Mata Rani and pray for Shivaay. Anika prays to Mata Rani and suddenly senses Shivaay’s existence, Anika runs towards the door, Anika sees the door closed and feels disappointed. Suddenly the door opens and Shivaay enters, Anika runs to him and apologizes to Shivaay for all that she did since last three months, Anika says she is happy as she cries, Anika says they should forget everything and that she will tell him everything, Shivaay gets confused and says he was in Nasik as Vikram was in Nasik so that Anika and Vikram can get engaged.

Anika gets shocked, Vikram enters. Oberoi family comes to see Shivaay, all are seen worried for him. Flashback is shown where Shivaay leaves the car in between and goes to Nasik by Chopper. Pinky accuses Anika as Shivaay had gone to Nasik to fetch Vikram. Shakti tells Pinky that because of Anika Shivaay is safe. Shivaay says Anika must be happy to see Vikram, Vikram justifies himself. Shivaay instigates Anika, Sahil comes to see Shivaay, Shivaay hugs Sahil, Sahil questions about Vikram. Anika and Shivaay cover up. Anika confronts Shivaay in their room, Anika tells Shivaay to stop everything, Shivaay refuses as Anika did not back out. Shivaay tells Anika to tell the truth, Anika tries to avoid. Shivaay says Anika broke his trust by hiding the truth. Shivaay says till he doesn’t know the truth they cannot move ahead in their relationship. Anika refuses to tell. Shivaay says Anika wants to marry Vikram, Anika cries and tells Shivaay to arrange her wedding. Gauri and Rudra get worried. Tej and Jahnvi feel happy that their plan worked against Svetlana. Rudra confronts Shivaay over Anika and Vikram’s wedding. Shivaay says Anika has moved on, Rudra tries to make Shivaay understand and tells Shivaay to follow his heart. Shivaay says it is too late. Sahil tries to make Anika understand, Gauri tries to make Shivaay understand their foolishness. Gauri asks Shivaay why is he punishing himself, Shivaay says because Anika is not telling him the reason of their break up, they don’t have any trust anymore. Sahil ties Rakhi to Anika as she always protects him. Gauri ties Rakhi to Shivaay for being an elder brother to her and for being the protector. Shivaay says Gauri can tell him anything, even about Omkara. Gauri says she could not become Omkara’s wife, Shivaay promises Gauri that she will get the right of being Omkara’s wife. Tej and Jhanvi reach Manali for a break. Jhanvi gets shocked to see Rudra’s message about Shivaay, but then feels happy that Shivaay is back. Jhanvi gets worried about the place, Tej and Jhanvi knock on the door, no one opens. Tej and Jhanvi get tired waiting, Tej sees the door open, both get suspicious but go inside the house. Both like the place, Tej goes to freshen up, Jhanvi gets worried. Svetlana informs the person to keep her updated and decides to play against Tej and Jhanvi.

Ishqbaaz 12th August 2017 Precap:

Gauri tells Rudra and Bhavya that they should end the Shivika war and stop Anika’s engagement. Gauri says she has a plan and tells them.

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