Ishqbaaz 11 September 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 11th September 2017, Ishqbaz 11 September 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (11.09.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Gauri and Omkara are shocked to see see Balram and his men. Anika says I Love You to Shivaay…. Sometime back…

Shivaay introduces Lovakshari game to the family. Shivaay says antakshari has to be payed with love songs to make it easy for Anika to express her feelings.

Shivaay says whoever gets the cushion has to sing the love song on the word given by the opposite team. Anika gets the cushion, Shivaay gives her the word Intazaar. Anika and Shivaay sing Nahi Nahi Abhi Nahi and dance. Bhavya sneaks in Svetlana’s room for investigation. Peter (Tej) enters the room, Bhavya hides, Tej sees Bhavya and decides to help Bhavya. Tej sings like Peter and hints at the keys hidden in the cupboard. Bhavya tries to open the cupboard.

Rudra sings Havayen, Shivaay joins him and teases Anika. Rudra sneaks to help Bhavya, Bhavya finds the key in Svetlana’s cupboard. Anika gets the cushion, Shivaay gives her word Love. Svetlana enters the room, Bhavya hides, Rudra takes Kaveri out with him. Shivaay gives hints to Anika and forces her to sing ‘Mr. India’ song. Anika makes the drama of not remembering the song. Omkara stops the car in the jungle and takes unconscious Gauri out in his arms and looks for water.

Balram and his men see Omkara’s car and search for Om-Gauri. Omkara feeds water to Gauri, she regains consciousness. Finally Anika remembers the song and sings Kaate Nahi katate, Shivaay waits eagerly for Anika to confess love. Anika forgets the next line, Shivaay gets irritated. Shivaay gets angry and walks off. Gauri and Omkara get shocked to see Balram and his men. Omkara takes Gauri and hides behind a tree. Omkara misdirects balram’s men and tries to sneak away with Gauri to the car. Om – Gauri reach the car and sneak away. Balram gives up on Omkara and Gauri. Rudra tries to keep Kaveri engaged, Bhavya sneaks away from the window. Anika comes to Shivaay’s room and sees him agitated. Anika teases Shivaay, Shivaay gets angry. Anika tells Shivaay not to move his hands for the next 30 seconds and let Anika do what she wants to do, he agrees. Anika messes up Shivaay’s hair and gets close to him. Anika makes Shivaay lie down and lies next to him. Anika says I love You to Shivaay, he remains stunned. Shivaay gets up and sets his hair and avoids Anika. Anika waits for Shivaay to say I love you, Shivaay says Thank you, Anika gets angry and throws water on him and leaves. Shivaay dances happily. Bhavya tries to tell Rudra about the key, Rudra talks non stop, Bhavya stops Rudra by putting her hand on his mouth. Rudra tells Bhavya he loves her eyes. Bhavya shows the key to Rudra. Anika gets irritated with Shivaay and goes back to confront Shivaay. He avoids Anika and hides outside the room. Shivaay gets surprised with his reactions. Shivaay tries to gather courage to confess love to Anika but gets scared. Tej gets happy to know that Bhavya must have got the key. Svetlana and questions Tej, he dances like Peter. Svetlana gets suspicious about Tej’s behavior. 


Bhavya tells Shivaay that Anika is in store room to check Svetlana’s key on the old furniture, Anika finds a file named Shivaay and a letter inside, Dadi takes the letter from Anika.

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