Ishqbaaz 12 April 2017 Written Episode Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 12th April 2017 Ishqbaaz 12.04.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz 12 April 2017 episode starts with Kamini declaring that the wedding cannot take place, Anika says leave from here. Kamini curses Priyanka, Kamini takes off the bridal veil and gets shocked to see Anika. Sometime back… Pinky and Priyanka check Priyanka’s bridal look in the mirror, Anika gets worried as she cannot reach Shivaay.

Kamini comes over to check over Priyanka. Anika gets determined to stop Priyanka’s wedding with Ranveer. Ranveer and Kamini get happy as their motives of getting diamonds, stalling Mahi’s arrest and destroying Oberoi family’s reputation would be achieved. Mahi tries to convince Kamini to stop Priyanka’s defamation. Kamini forces Mahi to do as per her orders. Mahi even gets worried about Shivaay’s life. Ranveer tells Mahi to so as Kamini says. Pinky takes Priyanka to the wedding mandap, Mahi wonders about Anika’s absence.
Kamini silences Mahi. Mahi sees Anika alone in the room, Ranveer locks the room from outside. Pinky and family bring Priyanka, Kamini tells Mahi to join them. Pinky gets irked seeing Mahi. Oberoi Team and Kamini’s team keep muttering things about each other. Mahi feels restless and that something is wrong. Kamini, Ranveer and the Oberoi family come in front of each other. Pandit calls Priyanka and Ranveer, Kamini stops Ranveer and asks Pinky about the diamonds. Pinky and Tej show surprise, Kamini asks Mahi (Shivaay) to intervene, Mahi agrees to give diamonds of 200 Cr.

Tej agrees to fake Shivaay and calls in for diamonds. Kamini calls in her jeweler to check the diamonds, Jeweler confirms the purity of the diamonds. Dadi tells to start the rituals. Kamini bursts a cracker which has chits saying Priyanka is pregnant. Media people pick up the chits and call it a breaking news. Media starts questioning Tej about Priyanka’s pregnancy. Kamini starts defaming Oberoi family and Priyanka. Oberoi family defends Priyanka and blame Kamini. Ranveer says this is not his child. Kamini defames Priyanka and calls her with bad names. Kamini calls off the wedding. Anika tells Kamini to leave from under the bridal veil. Kamini gets shocked. Kamini curses Priyanka and asks her to take off her veil. Kamini takes off the bridal veil and gets shocked to see Anika. Mahi and Ranveer get shocked, Anika smiles. Kamini questions Anika, whole Oberoi family smiles. Mahi thinks that he was thinking that something is wrong and something is really wrong. Mahi finds a chip inside his sleeve and wonders about it. Mahi realizes that it is a tracker and leaves from the venue. Oberoi family corners Kamini. Anika tells Kamini that the Oberoi family was making fool of Kamini all the time. Anika tells Kamini that she played a wrong game with Shivaay Singh Oberoi and his family, and when it comes to Shivaay’s family, he can fail any game.


Shivaay tells Kamini that her game is over, Kamini points the gun at Shivaay and tells him to get ready to die, Kamini shoots the bullet, Anika gets shot and falls.

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