Ishqbaaz 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 17th May 2017, Ishqbaaz 17 May 2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz 17.05.2017 episode starts with Anika asking Shivaay about the report, Shivaay says there is nothing to worry and asks Anika to be patient. Shivaay receives a call and gets shocked. Some time back… Shivaay asks Khanna to get the report.

Pinky coughs, Shivaay walks in her direction, Pinky gets worried but Shivaay passes by Pinky without seeing her. The doctor informs Khanna that the DNA report is under the paperweight. Pinky notices the report, As Khanna and doctor leave, PPinky enters the cabin. Shivaay gets shocked to see Priyanka. She lies to Shivaay that her friend is injured and is admitted. Shivaay scolds Khanna for leaving the cabin. Pinky checks the report which is Negative, Pinky decides to destroy the report and puts the report in the paper shredder and feels relieved.
Pinky disappears before Shivaay can enter. Shivaay and Khanna look for the report, Shivaay scolds Khanna. Shivaay calls the doctor for the copy of the report, Shivaay tells Khanna to get the CCTV recording to know who flicked the report. Shivaay feels happy to see the negative report. Shivaay checks the CCTV footage but fails to see Pinky as the footage is not clear. Anika calls Shivaay and Shivaay tells Anika the truth is out. Shivaay refuses to give the details on the phone and asks Anika to be patient.

Shivaay gets another call and gets shocked thoroughly. Pinky gets happy thinking Shivaay would throw Anika out and decides to throw Nayantara out of the house. Pinky gets angry to see Nayantara in her room, using her makeup stuff. Pinky starts humiliating Nayantara. Pinky gives 2 lac rupees to Nayantara and tells her to leave Oberoi Mansion. Nayantara argues with Pinky for the promised 5 lacs rupees. Nayantara refuses to leave without money. Nayantara threatens to approach Shivaay, Pinky gives one lac rupees more. Nayantara demands 15 lacs. Nayantara threatens Pinky of revealing her reality to Shivaay. Pinky gets furious. Anika worries as Shivaay is still not back. The doctor tells Priyanka that Ranveer is out of danger. Ranveer tries to get up from the bed, Kamini stops him. Kamini scolds Ranveer, Ranveer tells Kamini that he had to jump to get a place in Priyanka’s heart. Ranveer says Priyanka will soon get affected by him. Pinky friends gather for a get-together. Pinky’s friends get stunned to see Nayantara enjoying grapes. Pinky’s friends question Pinky over Nayantara. Pinky tells Nayantara to leave, Nayantara demands 15 lacs. Pinky tries to manhandle Nayantara and starts humiliating Nayantara. Pinky tells Nayantara to get out, Pinky tells Nayantara that Shivaay will always trust Pinky over Nayantara. Nayantara tries to tell Pinky’s reality to her friends. Pinky pushes Nayantara. Nayantara falls and her wig comes off, everyone gets shocked. Ranveer tries to talk to Priyanka, she refuses. Ranveer tells Priyanka that she still cares for him, when Ranveer loses balance Priyanka supports him. Priyanka tells Ranveer that she paid his bill and asks Ranveer to return the money once out of the hospital. Pinky and friends laugh at Nayantara, Nayantara has tears in her eyes. Nayantara wears her wig and gets up. Nayantara tells Pinky that she will never forget her insult and will never let Pinky forget it. Pinky tries to push Nayantara, Nayantara pushes Pinky, Anika supports Pinky and gets shocked.


Anika gets angry with Nayantara for pushing Pinky, Anika throws Nayantara out of the house. Anika threatens to give Nayantara in police, Pinky gets happy.

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