Ishqbaaz 20 March 2017 Written Episode Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 20th March 2017 Written Update Ishqbaaz 20.03.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Ishqbaaz 20 March 2017 episode starts with Shivaay and Anika fight. Fake Shivaay tells Anika to stop asking so many question since morning. She says i am worried about you, you are acting so differemt. he syas what do you think am i some duplicate Shivaay from ulhasnagar. He decides to step out of his room and sleep out somewhere. Anika says why should you go, i will go and leaves. She stops for a while.

Some time back…..comes out. Rudra asks him did you change. fake Shivaay why change. Rudra says you said that you want to change. Fake Shivaay says yes i just got fresh. Om asks him are you okay. Fake Shivaay gets furious and murmurs about being fed about the brother bonding. He says i am good. Shivaay says lets focus on engagement. 

Pinky comes and says that this wedding cannot happen. Everyone is shocked. They ask why. Pinkya says Kamini has demanded Rs. 2 cror worth jwellery before engagement. This is dowry demand. Tej says so waht we can afford to give money. Pinky tells Jhanvi that Kamini is demanding things before engagement, she would demand even millions of Rs. before marriage. Jhanvi says she has a point. Pinky says i am sure my son will understand my decision. Dadi asks Shivay you brought this marriage proposal, now says what should we do. Shivaay says Pinky’s happiness matters to me so, lets give them 5 crore worth jewellery. Pinky is shocked. She says you cannot be my Shivay.


Fake Shivaay finds the exit from the isolated house. He looks out to escape. He gets hurt by the laser security. He gets trapped inside the house, centered in the vast land.

Later, Pinky scolds Fake Shivay for disrespecting her decision. She says Kamini is wrong. Fake Shivay assures that he will make everything fine. He says Priyanka’s happiness is important than my self respect. He apologizes to her for going against her. He thinks Pinky as his enemy and thinks to kidnap her.

Fake Shivaay goes to his room. He asks Anika what are you doing. She says i am changing. Are you changing too. he worries that he is not her husband, he is bad but not characterless. He cannot see a woman getting undressed. Anika asks him what happened, are you not changing. He starts yelling at her and asks her to stop asking so many questions. She asks what is wrong with you you are acting weird. Also i am tensed about the weird dream, though things are fine, i think you are acting weird too, Fake Shivaay says what weird. what do you think, i am some ulhasnagr ka duplicate Shivaay. I am fed up. he says i will sleep outside somewhere. She says why are you going out. He says i need some space. Anika says why will you go out. i should be going out. She is in tears as she leaves.

Fake Shivaay is happy that he avoided the situation of being with Anika in the same room. He says i m a bad man but not Kamina. I have to now focus on the work that i have to do. Focus. Focus.


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