Ishqbaaz 22 September 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 22nd September 2017, Ishqbaaz 22 September 2017 Episode Written Update

Today’s (22.09.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Anika hiding under the veil in Suman’s bridal clothes, Shivaay gets worried and calls Anika, goons snap Anika’s phone and point a gun at her, Gauri comes on a scooter to save Anika, Anika and Gauri escape on scooty.

Some time back… Gauri and Anika decide to run away with Suman. Gauri suddenly gets up and runs away, Anika runs after her. The women stop Gauri, she covers up and diverts their attention saying she is going to the restroom, women follow her. Anika finds Suman’s room and opens the door with travel knife given by Shivaay. Anika thinks of Shivaay, he feels Anika is remembering him. Shivaay forgets to carry his phone as he goes to check another ring.

Anika tries to call Shivaay and Omkara. Gauri jumps out from the window. Rudra and Bhavya wait in the Railway Station waiting area. Bhavya feels that someone is following her. Goons break the door of Suman’s door, Anika is seen wearing Suman’s clothes, Suman runs away. A lady talks to Rudra about getting married on time, Rudra starts imagining married life with Bhavya. Gauri tries to call Omkara, he thinks of the break Gauri spoke about it doesn’t answer the phone.

Anika signals Gauri, Gauri decides to save her. Gauri sees a scooty and learns to drive the scooty through the internet, Shivaay doesn’t answer Anika’s phone. The passengers play antakshari, Rudra and Bhavya enjoy with them. Anika wonders what to do, the groom pulls Anika, Village head sees Anika’s chappals and screams for wearing chappal in the wedding, groom opens the veil, all get shocked to see Anika. Shivaay gets worried to see Anika’s missed calls, he calls Anika, a goon snaps Anika’s phone, Shivaay gets worried as Anika’s phone gets cut. Goons point guns at Anika, village head screams at Anika and threatens her, the groom holds a gun at Anika, Gauri comes on scooty screaming Anika’s name, all remain stunned and fall down with the bump, Anika gets on the scooty and rides away with Anika, Suman also joined them. Goons follow them with guns. Rudra and Bhavya argue over Bhavya’s age. Rudra gives a chocolate to a boy who is irritating Rudra, the boy mistakenly gulps the coming and gets restless, Rudra makes noise while Bhavya helps the boy to remove the coin, everyone praises Bhavya. Jhanvi threatens Svetlana with the electric stick and demands the video proof. Svetlana gets scared and gives away her phone to Jhanvi, Svetlana says she has the painting that has Oberoi family’s secret, Jhanvi says the key to open the painting is with Oberoi family, Svetlana gets determined to open the painting anyhow and warns Tej and Jhanvi. Svetlana throws a pot towards Tej and runs away. a man stops Bhavya and tries to remind Bhavya that he is Akram, both remember their academy days, Rudra sees them and feels jealous, he comes to meet Akram. Akram invites Bhavya and Rudra to his friend’s guest house and tempts them with the party happening at the guest house, Bhavya reuses, Rudra forces, Akram has a cunning smile. A person in veil enters Oberoi Mansion and reaches in Pinky’s room. Pinky screams, Dadi hears it, the person turns out to be Svetlana, she seeks Pinky’s help, Pinky refuses to help her, Svetlana warns Pinky that they both are alone, Dadi goes towards Pinky’s room, Pinky hides Svetlana and covers up. Pinky gives money to Svetlana, Svetlana goes away. Akram brings Bhavya and Rudra to the guest house and introduces to his friend. Akram decides to avenge Bhavya for her slap in academy days, Rudra gets carried away with the basketball. Akram’s friend diverts Rudra to play basketball, Bhavya gets jittery. Tej hugs Dadi and Shakti. They gear up for Shivaay and Anika’s ring ceremony and try to contact Anika and Shivaay, they can’t get through the numbers. Pinky sees them. Akram’s friend locks Rudra inside the room, Rudra gets shocked. Akram comes in the bathroom while Bhavya has soap on her face, Akram starts getting annoying with Bhavya, she gets angry, Akram calls 2 more friends. Rudra gets worried about Bhavya, Akram’s friends hold Bhavya, she struggles, Rudra breaks the door and runs towards Bhavya. Bhavya starts fighting with a sizer and injures Akram, Rudra reaches there, Akram instigates Rudra. Rudra gets in the fight, Bhavya hits Akram and he falls, Bhavya gets angry with Rudra and blames Rudra for coming to the guest house. Bhavya calls Rudra immature. Jhanvi sees Tej’s cracked photo frame and gets worried. FB is seen where Svetlana says that she will be back to avenge Tej and breaks the glass of his photo. Jhanvi gets restless and prays.


Anika rides with Gauri – Suman, goons follow them, Shivaay and Omkara try to call them worriedly. The scooty stops, the girls get shocked.

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