Ishqbaaz 26 December 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 26th December 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaz Written Episode

Today’s (26.12.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with the mysterious man expressing his happiness for being Shivaay and Anika’s neighbor. Anika tries to follow the sound of bicycle ring and finds a room open. Anika opens the door and gets shocked.

Some time back… Shivaay rushes Anika to the hospital and gets stopped by an unknown man. The man injects in Anika’s neck, Shivaay gets furious and beats him. The man stops Shivaay and holds Shivaay by his neck. He introduces himself as a doctor and says Anika will get up as soon as he finishes counting 3. The man counts 3, Anika gets up. Shivaay runs to Anika and worries about her, Anika tries to explain to Shivaay. Later Shivaay tells Anika that she added cleaning liquid in tea instead of milk, Anika gets shocked.

Shivaay feels happy that Anika is fine. Shivaay apologizes to the doctor for his behavior. The man introduces himself as Dr. Veer, Shivaay introduces himself and Anika. Dr. Veer praises Shivaay and defends Shivaay’s anger. Dr. Veer says he is Shivaay and Anika’s neighbor and stays on the first floor. Shivaay feels happy. Dr. Veer says things happen for a reason, many things will take place going ahead. Shivaay walks out with Dr. Veer, Dr. tells at home he has a wife and a daughter.

Dr. Veer invites Shivaay home. Shivaay and Dr. Veer discuss Dr.’s background. Dr. Veer says whatever he likes, becomes his. Dr. Veer’s wife Monali opens the door for Shivaay and Dr. Veer. Monali does Shivaay’s Aarti and invites him in the house. Shivaay praises Veer and Monali’s house. Shivaay asks Veer about the room in their house where Veer and Monali’s stuff is kept. Veer says it is the old stuff. Veer and Monali’s daughter Shweta comes, Veer introduces her. Monali offers sweet to Shivaay, he refuses initially, Veer forces him calling it healthy. Shivaay likes the sweet and asks for the recipe. Shivaay invites Veer and Monali for the brunch. In the night, Anika calls Shivaay on the bed, Shivaay teases Anika. Anika starts getting annoyed and decides to do something filmy. Shivaay keeps on teasing Anika, Shivaay praises Dr. Veer, Anika gets annoyed. Anika tells Shivaay when the man doesn’t pay attention to his wife, her heart breaks. Anika tells about the preparations she made, Anika turns and gets shocked to see sleeping Shivaay. Gauri wonders how did she get caught by Tej, Gauri remembers Tia. Gauri thinks maybe Tia is faking being blind. Gauri decides to find out and sees Tia doing makeup. Gauri tries to search in Tia’s room and sees the red paint bottle. Gauri thinks of teaching a lesson to Tia. In the night, Anika tries to sleep but suddenly hears the bicycle rind sound. Anika decides to find from where the sound is coming, she sees a door open and opens is more.


Shivaay tells Anika that she is the biggest support of Shivaay, Dr. Veer asks  Anika for olive oil, Anika sees a woman sitting with her head down in the kitchen and gets shocked, Dr. Veer calls Anika so Anika turns to him, As Anika turns to see the woman, the woman is nowhere to be seen.


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