Ishqbaaz 28 September 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 28th September 2017, Ishqbaz 28 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (28.09.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Badshah performing in Shivaay and Anika’s haldi celebration. Some time back…

Anika laughs at Shivaay, he holds her hand and gets closer to Anika. Shivaay gets intimate with Anika, he kisses Anika’s forehead, eyes, but as Shivaay gets close to kiss her, they hear media people and get distracted.

Shivaay teases Anika over spinsters who wanted to marry him, Anika gets annoyed. Shivaay holds her close, Anika sneaks away. Media covers Shivaay’s fan following. A girl is seen in the veil, she enters the Oberoi Mansion by getting wrapped up in the carpet. The girls thinks that she has to meet Shivaay anyhow before he marries Anika else it will be a big disaster. Khanna instructs people and sees the girl covered up in veil, the girl covers up. Pinky feels sad about Shivaay’s attitude towards her, Dadi tells Pinky to have patience.

Shivaay tries to call Anika but her phone is still with Dadi, Khanna tells Shivaay to talk to Anika during Haldi. The veiled girl comes near Shivaay’s room, Shivaay gets suspicious due to noise, girl hides. Dadi comes and takes Shivaay with her. Dadi says there is a surprize, that she has invited Rapper Badshah for the function. Shivaay comes with Om and Rudra. Shivaay looks for Anika, she comes with Sahil. Anika and Shivaay sit on the either side of the curtain.

Abhay praises Anika, Rudra and Omkara get irritated. Dadi says mother will put Haldi first, Dadi asks Shivaay to cooperate, Dadi calls Pinky, she gets emotional and applies Haldi on Shivaay. Pinky tells Shivaay that for her Shivaay comes first always, Shivaay shows no emotion. Jhanvi puts Haldi, the veiled girl comes in the crowd. All put Haldi on Shivaay. Dadi says the Haldi will be put for Anika now, Shivaay wants to apply Haldi on Anika, Dadi refuses. Shivaay gets irritated and impatient. Abhay says they should play Haldi ki Holi, he throws Haldi on Rudra, Rudra on Omkara, Omkara on Shakti, everyone starts playing Haldi ki holi. Sahil sees them and feels insecure due to his leg. Shakti puts Haldi for Pinky, she smiles. The veiled girl decides to reach Shivaay, Badshah comes and sings ‘Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai’, everyone enjoys. While evryone is busy, Shivaay takes Anika with him. Shivaay brings Anika to a secret place, Anika refuses to open her eyes. Shivaay gives him Kasam to Anika for her to open eyes, Anika looks at Shivaay. Shivaay says everything will be good in their life, Anika takes Pinky promise from him. The veiled girl looks for Shivaay and mistakenly bumps into Abhay. Shivaay says he wanted to apply Haldi on Anika, he puts Haldi on Anika in intimate way. Anika gets conscious and restless, Shivaay goes on applying Haldi on Anika, both get close. Shivaay applies Haldi on Anika’s cheeks from his cheeks and says I love, but Anika runs as Dadi calls for Anika. The veiled girl comes near Shivaay, but hides as Khanna comes and takes Shivaay. Dadi looks for Sahil. Abhay offers to help and says he will search Sahil and will give him the medicine.


Rudra and Omkara make Shivaay ready for the wedding, Pinky puts Kalgi on Shivaay’s Pagdi.

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