Ishqbaaz 29 September 2017 Written Episode, Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 29th September 2017, Ishqbaz 29 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (29.09.2017) Ishqbaaz serial episode starts with Shivaay putting Mangalsutra around Anika’s neck. Shivaay fills sindoor in Anika’s forehead. Some time back… Jhanvi makes Anika ready for the wedding, Dadi praises Anika. Shivaay, Rudra, and Omkara get ready for the wedding.

Dadi comes with Pinky and tells Pinky to put Kalgi on Shivaay’s pagdi. Pinky gets emotional and puts the Kalgi. Rudra and Omkara think about Bhavya and Gauri, but deny accepting it. They feel happy that Shivaay is happy. The veiled girl gets determined to meet Shivaay. Abhay finds Sahil crying, Abhay tries to calm Sahil. Sahil feels inferior about his situation, Abhay tells Sahil how to dance, Sahil gets excited. Later, Abhay gets busy with the arrangements, veiled girl sees him.

Shivaay and Anika come to the wedding mandap. Both look at each other, Anika blushes. Suddenly the lights become deem, Shivaay and Anika keep looking at each other and remember their past moments. Shivaay holds Anika’s hand, Anika also carasses Shivaay’s face. It turns out to be Shivaay and Anika’s dream. Shivaay and Anik come to the mandap. Wedding rituals start, Dadi does the Gathbandhan. Dadi says Sahil will do the Kanyadaan, Pandit says an adult only can do kanyadaan, Omkara and Rudra say they will do the Kanyadaan, Anika being their sister.

Anika gets overwhelmed. Omkara and Rudra do Anika’s kanyadaan. They warn Shivaay to look after Anika, Shivaay promises. The veiled lady gets worried as Shivaay and Anika get up for the pheras. pheras start, the girl writes the message on the paper and throws it with flowers. Shivaay sees it but before he can take it, Anika comes ahead for the pheras. Omkara remembers his wedding with Gauri. Rudra remembers Bhavya. Shivaay puts Mangalsutra around Anika’s neck and fills her forehead with sindoor. Panditji declares that Shivaay and Anika are now married. Shivaay hugs Anika, Dadi scolds Shivaay, but Shivaay refuses to listen to anyone as they are legally married. Abhay takes a snap of Shivaay and Anika. Later, Shivaay offers water to Anika, both argue on who will have it first. Anika reminds Shivaay that he wanted to confess something to her, Shivaay hesitates. Shivaay tries to say I Love You to Anika, but Dadi interrupts. Shivaay argues with Dadi. Abhay takes them for the family photo. Shivaay says the family picture cannot be without be Gauri and asks Om about her, Om covers up. He thinks someone else is more important for Gauri. Rudra worries about Bhavya marrying Manav. Abhay takes the family photo. Rudra tells Chubby that he is going to meet Bhavya. Shivaay and Anika take blessings from everyone, Pinky gifts Khandani bangles to Anika, Shivaay refuses to take, Tej and Shakti ask Shivaay to give a change to Pinky. Dadi returns Shivaay and Anika’s phones. Rudra gets shocked to see Bhavya in wedding attire, Bhavya sees Rudra, Rudra goes on drinking juice, both Rudra and Bhavya remember their time spent together and get emotional. Omkara gets confused to see English Speaking classes and sees Gauri’s teacher. Omkara tries to join the dots and thinks that Gauri meets the teacher secretly and decides to find out the truth. He follows the teacher. Bhavya and Manav do the wedding rituals, Bhavya cries and looks for Rudra. Rudra screams Stop It, Bhavya and all get shocked. The teacher gets in a cheap hotel, Omkara gets suspicious and follows. Omkara books the room and looks at the details of the teacher. Omkara feels Gauri is cheating with the other man and thinks that Gauri is cheap. Rudra confronts Manav for trying to marry Manav, Bhavya tries to stop him, Rudra fights with Manav and says Bhavya has been staying with him or long and both have been mentally and emotionally connected. Bhavya slaps Rudra and says that she is ashamed of calling Rudra as a friend for his cheap act. Bhavya tells Rudra to leave and never show his face to her again. Rudra leaves, Bhavya cries. Security guards make fun of Rudra.


Anika is seen leaving for Kuldevi Puja, Dadi says how can she go without Shivaay, Anika says she will do the Puja with Shivaay and she is sure that Shivaay will meet her there. All look worried as Anika leaves.

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