Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi Maha Episode 24 May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Dil Bole Oberoi 24th May 2017 Written Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi 24th May 2017 Maha episode begins withShivaay trying to overhear Pinky and Nayantara’s conversation. Nayantara demands necklace from Pinky, Shivaay misses seeing Pinky coming out of the room.Anika waits to see the person. Some time back…

Shivaay charms Anika over his way of being in love, Anika gets conscious and instigates Gauri to talk. Gauri talks non stop. Shivaay, Rudra and Anika ask Gauri about their first meeting. Gauri tells them how she had crushed Omkara’s car. Anika starts telling about her first meeting with Shivaay. Gauri says she can’t control her anger and shows how she throws the candy. Omkara moves, Shivaay gets hit with the candy, the candy flows back into Gauri’s mouth. 

Gauri says sorry to Shivaay. Gauri asks about Anika’s anger, Anika picks up a glass of water and throws at Shivaay, he hides behind Omkara, water falls on Omkara. Shivaay says Anika and Gauri come across as real sisters. Shivaay sees NT and follows her. NT asks Shivaay for money to pay off her loan. Shivaay agrees, NT doubts Shivaay. NT calls her man who confirms that Sahil is in his custody. Khanna is shown holding a gun on NT’s man. (Also see: Ishqbaaz upcoming – Big twists during Oberois’ aarti and Kulgotra puja)

Omkara accuses Gauri of being greedy about Oberoi family’s wealth. Omkara says that he is going to tell the truth to everyone. Gauri decides to leave and leaves. Pinky walks towards NT’s room and finds a number 5 sticker stuck on her heel, she removes it and throws on NT’s door. Shivaay follows to hearNT’s conversation. Pinky scolds NT. The sticker gets stuck on Shivaay’s coat. NT demands Pinky’s necklace as a price for throwing Anika out of Shivaay’s life. Pinky gives the necklace. NT checks outside the room and signals Pinky to go. Shivaay hides and misses seeing Pinky. Shivaay informs Anika to check on the person coming down, As Anika waits, Rudra comes and Anika gets disturbed. Pinky sneaks away. Anika sees Gauri leaving, Anika stops Gauri. Anika takes Gauri to Buama and Jhanvi and tells them that Gauri is all alone. Buama scolds Omkara. Shivaay calls Anika, Anika says she missed out on seeing the person. Omkara accuses Gauri again and Omkara pulls Gauri towards the door. Dadi stops them, everyone comes. Dadi says till the time rituals are over, Gauri will stay with Dadi. Pinky once again talks about Kulgotra Puja, Shivaay – Anika get shocked, Shivaay refuses to do the Puja. Pinky remains firm. NT supports Pinky. Shivaay says no for Puja, Omkara supports Shivaay. Everyone convinces Shivaay. Pinky feels happy thinking Anika will be out of Shivaay’s life. In the bedroom, Shivaay promises Anika that Nayantara’s name will not be entered in the Kulpatri. Anika tells Shivaay to end NT’s game, Shivaay refuses to do it till they find the real culprit. Dadi shows old album to Gauri. Omkara comes, Dadi teases Omkara. Dadi leaves. Omkara scolds Gauri and tells Gauri that any cost Gauri’s name must not come in the Kulpatri. Anika apologizes to Shivaay for the entire NT drama. Shivaay tells Anika that she doesn’t need to feel guilty. Shivaay feels guilty for trying to dig Anika’s past. Anika sees number 5 sticker on Shivaay’s coat sleeve. Anika asks Shivaay about it, Shivaay says it was on NT’s door. Next day, everyone gets geared up for the Kulgotra Puja. Shivaay and Anika come. NT praises Shivaay and Anika. NT talks about her name getting added in the Kulpatri, Shivaay asks Anika to be patient. Shivaay tells Anika their plan will work as scared NT will run to the real culprit for help. Shivaay assures Anika that they will always be together and that Anika must not get scared. Omkara tells Jhanvi about his irritation of having Gauri in the house and about all the rituals. Omkara says he doesn’t believe in this wedding. Jhanvi tries to make Omkara understand that Gauri is an innocent girl. Jhanvi tells Omkara to not take a wrong decision in his anger. Anika asks Priyanka to get flowers, Priyanka wears Pinky’s chappals. Omkara and Gauri’s photos are taken, Shivaay indicates his phone to Anika. Shivaay and Anika’s photos followed by Shiv – Om – Rudra’s photos are taken. As Anika sees NT, Anika talks loudly on the phone, leaving NT worried. NT follows Anika and sees her talking to some men. Anika meets NT and tells her that some goons have come to take 20 lacs from NT. NT gets scared and says she only has to pay 12 lacs. Anika scared NT more and tells NT to get rid of the goons. NT asks Anika for money, Anika refuses. NT decides to ask Shivaay. As NT approaches Shivaay, he asks the Pandit to start the Puja. NT gets restless and sees Pinky. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra hold hands to perform the Maha Aarti together.

Precap 25 May 2017

Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra perform the Aarti together, NT goes out, Anika follows her, Anika sees her talking to someone and tries to see. Nayantara talks to Pinky.

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