Ishqbaaz Written Episode 04 August 2017, Ishqbaaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 04th August 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaz 04 August 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Ishqbaaz 04 August 2017 episode starts with Shivaay questions Anika about her fiance, Anika lies about Vikram. Some time back…

Anika takes help from Omkara and Rudra to present a fake fiance. They tell Anika that she should tell the truth to Shivaay, Anika says no.

Anika tells she is hurt that Shivaay misunderstood her and hence she had lied to him. Vikram is seen as a wealthy – dashing man. Anika gets a call from Sahil’s school, Vikram sees Anika and gets impressed seeing her. He bumps his car. Vikram gets unconscious, Anika goes to help him and calls for a doctor.

Omkara misses Gauri. Rudra also thinks about Bhavya while looking at the eggs. They get lost into Gauri and Bhavya’s thoughts respectively. They share with Shivaay about how they are feeling guilty. Shivaay tells them to listen to their heart before its too late to regret later.

The doctor informs Anika that Vikram is fine. She overhears the nurses saying that Vikram Thapa is a big businessman and a handsome hunk. Vikram comes and says he saw Anika and later couldn’t see anything, Anika gets confused. Rudra reaches Metarh.

Anikahides herself from Shivaay. She hides behind the couch. Suddenly Shivaay stands in front of Anika and she is shocked, She tries to bring different topics to dosge his questions, Shivaay asks Anika about fiance’s name. Rudra reaches Bhavya’s home, she gets shocked and locks the door.

Bhavya does not open the door. He tells her that he knows everything, Bhavya cries badly.

Shivaay insists on knowing Anika’s fiance’s name. Anika thinks of the name, she sees the magazine and sees Vikram on it. She says Vikram and shows the magazine to Shivaay. Shivaay gets shocked.

Ragini is present there too and she also gets shocked. Ragini tells Anika to say more about Vikram. Anika repeats whatever the nurses were talking about Vikram at the hospital. As she praises Vikram, Shivaay gets jealous.

Later, Anika gets worried and reads about Vikram. Shivaay asks Anika how can she forget him so soon but later he covers up. He asks her how come Vikram is okay about Anika staying with her ex-husband. He says if he were in Vikarm’s place, he would have killed the other man.

He tells Anika to call Vikram, Anika makes an excuse that Vikram is traveling. Shivaay tries to test Anika, she tries to do drama, Shivay gets upset. Anika says she will talk to Vikram when she is alone. Shivaay gets angry and breaks the phone. Jhanvi says she needs to go home, Svetlana says Tej surely is alive. Svetlana says Jahnvi should not go home till they find the reality of Tej. Bottle of ketchup falls off the fridge, suddenly some words appear on the fridge, both Jhanvi and Svetlana get scared. Omkara sees Gauri entering his room and gets happy. Gauri tells Omkara that he is an artist and his art is his life, not to lose it. Actually Omkara was just imagining.

Swetlana gets scared seeing the moving curtains, she thinks of finding out the truth. Svetlana sees Tej outside the window, Svetlana gets scared, the window gets jammed. She sees Tej in the passage and follows Tej, suddenly he disappears. Jhanvi comes to meet Svetlana. Swetlana tells everything to Jhanvi.

Gauri is searching for work and sees news about Omkara participating in an exhibition, she feels happy.

Svetlana sees Tej in the passage, she gets scared, Jhanvi cannot see him. Svetlana gets confused and sends Janvi to check in the room, Jnavi opens the room and smiles at Tej.

Jhanvi says Tej is not there, Jhanvi holds Tej’s hand. Tej tells Jahnvi to go out, Janvi says Svetlana must be imagining, Janvi and Tej smile. Tej comes to Jhanvi’s room and both get happy about trapping Svetlana. Janvi tells Tej that they need to build up the drama in order to get the prrofs Swetlana has against Tej.  Tej thanks Janvi for her help.

Bhavya wakes up from sleep and is shocked to see Rudra’s jacket on the door. The pen drive falls from the jacket, Bhavya checks the video but instead sees Rudra. Rudra tells he  has the chip is with him and she has to come back to Mumbai if she wants the chip.

Ishqbaaz 05 August 2017 Precap:

Anika says Vikram is not in Mumbai, Vikram enters Oberoi Mansion, Anika gets shocked.

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