Ishqbaaz Written Episode 05 May 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 05th May 2017, Ishqbaaz 05.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz 05 May 2017 episode starts with Anika covering up Shivaay from the bullet. Criminal shoot the gun, Shivaay and Anika bend down. Shivaay beats up Anika for trying to shoot Anika, bullet gets fired, Anika gets shocked. Some time back… Anika and Shivaay beat up the criminals.

One criminal picks up the gun and aims at Shivaay and Anika. Other criminal tries to stop him, but the criminal with the gun shoots other criminal’s leg. Anika covers up Shivaay to save him, the criminal shoots at Anika, Shivaay and Anika bend down. Shivaay gets furious and starts beating up the criminal for trying to shoot his wife, Anika. During the fight, bullet gets fired, Anika gets shocked. Anika screams Shivaay’s name, but the criminal has got shot in his arm.

Shivaay sees the Police Inspector who shot the criminal. Anika hugs Shivaay tight, Shivaay holds Anika. Shivaay and Anika get emotional. Shivaay scolds Anika for trying to save Shivaay by putting herself in danger, Anika says she is this way only. Shivaay says he too is this way. Shivaay tells Anika that he has been brought up with the idea of Naam, Khoon, and Khandaan and that he can’t change suddenly, but he is trying. Anika says she is scared about knowing her past, as it may hamper Shivaay and her relation.

Shivaay promises Anika that their relation will never change and that they will handle whatever information that comes up. Shivaay asks Anika for some time to change himself. Shivaay says it is his and Anika’s responsibility to live together through their journey. The Police Inspector recites a sher for Shivaay and Anika and asks them to go back home peacefully. Shivaay and Anika get tired by walking for miles, Anika again snaps her fingers for miracle and both see Anika’s Lal Champa (Scooty). Anika tells Shivaay to sit in scooty next to her, Shivaay hesitates. Shivaay takes efforts to sit in the scooty and manages somehow. Shivaay tries to hide his face being embarrassed.

Anika pulls Shivaay’s leg and laughs. Anika rides the scooty with Shivaay. Pinky gets angry for Shivaay adn Anika not returning home and blames Anika. Shivaay and Anika return home, Pinky questions Shivaay. Shivaay tells Pinky that he and Anika need to rest. Anika gets hurt, Shivaay checks on her, Pinky gets furious. Pinky thinks soon Anika will be out of Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay tries o check on Anika’s injury, Pinky sees them and gets angry. Pinky informs Shivaay that there would be Press Conference in an hour and Pinky asks Shivaay about Kulgotra Puja. Shivaay tries to avoid Pinky and refuses for the Puja. Shivaay walks off, Pinky thinks in mind that Anika is not suitable for Shivaay and she will never let Shivaay forget it. Anika gets worried about Shivaay’s decision of calling off Kulgotra puja, Shivaay tells Anika that he is trying to change himself. Shivaay says for him Anika’s Naam, Khoon, Khandaan is not important than her. Shivaay says he has taken the decision for both himself and Anika.


Shivaay says he will fight the God for Anika and his happiness. Anika gets to know from D. Goel that Shivaay and Mahi’s DNA samples are matching and that Shivaay and Mahi are brothers, Anika gets shocked.

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