Ishqbaaz Written Episode 06 April 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 06th April 2017 Ishqbaaz 06.04.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Ishqbaaz 6 April 2017 episode starts with Shivaay dancing with Anika, Mahi returns to the dance session and gets shocked, Anika sees him and gets shocked. Sometime back… Shivaay forces Anika to look at him and asks Anika if she feels the same pain when Shivaay looks at her, Anika denies, Anika turns.

Shivaay pulls Anika close, Anika gets stunned, Shivaay asks if Anika is feeling the pain, Anika says no, Shivaay tells Anika that she is saying no but her eyes are telling a different story. Rudra comes in and Shivaay – Anika get apart. Rudra pulls Shivaay’s leg, Shivaay makes Rudra go away. Kamini gives food to Soumya, Soumya throws it away. Kamini tries to strangulate Soumya, Ranveer stops Kamini. Ranveer tells Kamini that once the wedding is over, they can think of what to do with Soumya.
Soumya gets shocked to see Ranveer hand in gloves with Kamini and thinks of informing Anika, Soumya screams Anika’s name. Shivaay teases Anika, who is clearing the broken plates. Anika tries to avoid Shivaay, Anika tells Shivaay to concentrate on his plan. Anika and Shivaay decide to have codewords to recognize real Shivaay. Anika decides the codewords as Billuji Ka Bablu and Oye Oye. Shivaay tells Anika that he will reveal the murder plan during Sangeet. As Anika is leaving to do Sangeet preparations, Shivaay teases her saying he wants to help her, Anika tells Shivaay to clear the broken plates, Shivaay agrees unwillingly.

Shivaay gets hurt, Anika runs towards Shivaay, Shivaay asks Anika, can she feels the pain now? Anika gets stunned, Shivaay smiles. Oberoi family waits for the choreographer. A gayish choreographer enters and everyone looks at him with shock. The choreographer taunts Rudra and gets close to Mahi. Mahi gets irritated with the choreographer. Choreographer starts dancing with Mahi and asks others to follow. Choreographer pulls Mahi’s jacket, Mahi walks away getting irritated. Shivaay comes and joins Anika for the dance. Mahi remembers that he is Shivaay and decides to join back the dance session and walks back. While dancing Shivaay tells everyone that one of the family members has to die, everyone starts giving excuses. Mahi returns and gets shocked to see everyone dancing around someone, as Mahi comes close, Tej interrupts him, Anika gets shocked, Shivaay escapes. Mahi thinks there is something going on, Pinky suddenly screams don’t kill me, all get shocked including Mahi. Anika cover up, Mahi gets Ranveer’s call and he leaves. Shivaay says Khanna will be murdered (fake) and that Khanna should have a big argument with Mahi. Then Mahi would kill Khanna with knife and Khanna will fall in swimming pool. This will be captured in the CCTV and Mahi will be caught. Anika says a solid reason is needed for murder. Shivaay decides to involve Ranveer in the plan to get Mahi caught as Ranveer is going to be a family member. Kamini and Ranveer get happy to see Shivaay in captivation (on Tablet). Kamini tells Mahi that she wants diamonds worth 200 Cr. Kamini says they will announce that Priyanka is pregnant in the press conference just before the wedding and Ranveer would call off the wedding on the Wedding day. Kamini says she wants Oberoi family’s wealth and destruction. Oberoi family prepares for the acting of getting shocked post Shivaay (Mahi) commits Khanna’s murder. Rudra asks Anika to sleep near the pool as a dead body, Anika sleeps but hears the strange sounds again. Shivaay comes there and questions the Oberoi family that are they plotting him in a murder case? Oberoi family gets shocked.


Khanna and Anika make up a fake drama of fight, Khanna says the word illegitimate, Mahi starts beating Khanna angrily.


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