Ishqbaaz Written Episode 08 September 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz Written Update 08th September 2017, Ishqbaaz 08 September 2017 Full Episode Written Update

Today’s (08.09.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Anika throwing yellow tulips on Shivaay, Shivaay’s conditions becomes bad, Anika gets worried, Gauri gets trapped in the fire. Some time back… Shivaay and Anika move towards the flower swing, both get lost in each other.

Pinky comes and gets furious to see Anika and moves towards Shivika. Shivaay makes Anika sit on the swing and turns away from Pinky, Pinky goes away. Rudra taes family selfie, Bhavya gets emotional and goes away. Balram and his men put fire to the hospital to kill Omkara and Gauri. Omakra and Gauri get shocked and try to escape. Bhavya cries alone and suddenly sees hadcuffs, petals fall on Bhavya as she pulls the handcuffs, Rudra comes close to Bhavya, both share close moments.

Bhavya thanks Rudra for making her feel special. Anika teases Shivaay by throwing petals on him, Shivaay runs, Anika chases, Anika picks up  a basket and throws petals on Shivaay, they turn out to be of yellow tulips. Shivaay starts feeling unwell and falls on the floor. Anika gets scared, Shivaay tells Anika he doesn’t have much time and confess anything that Anika wants to tell him, suddenly Anika sees pills in Shivaay’s pocket and decides to teach him a lesson.

Anika tells Shivaay that she is not a fool and shows the medicine to everyone, Shivaay gets up, everyone laughs and tries to cover up. Everyone forces Anika to confess love, Anika refuses. Khanna comes and informs Shivaay that some one has breached the security and has entered the house. Omakra and Gauri come out of the hospital, Gauri remembers the Shiv – Parvati idol and runs inside again, Omkara gets shocked and falls on the floor in pain. Jhanvi enters with Peter D’souza, all get shocked. Svetlana enters as Kaveri, shocking everyone. Gauri gets the idol risking her life and fights her way back to come out. Omkara manages to get up. Jhanvi informs Peter and Kaveri’s truth to Oberoi family. Jhanvi says till they can’t find the proofs from Svetlana, they have to entertain Svetlana’s drama. Omkara gets restless to see Gauri in trouble, he gets up, walks through the fire to Gauri. Tej behaves like Peter, Rudra gets emotional. Tej gets emotionl seeing Dadi. Omkara lifts Gauri in his arms and comes out of the fire. Om-Gauri get in the car, Balram and his men try to follow. Shivaay, Anika, and Bhavya – Rudra decide to investigate Svetlana’s motive. Omkara looks after Gauri and gets angry for risking life for the idol. Gauri says the idol is part of Oberoi family, Omkara says Gauri is part of Oberoi family as well. Gauri faints. Omkara gets shocked. Rudra discusses mission ‘Throw Svetlana Out’ with Bhavya and decides to be the part of Bhavya’s investigation, Bhavya refuses. Bhavya tells Rudra to keep the cartons in the guest room as she has decided to move to the guest room. Rudra tries to convince Bhavya not to move. Rudra and Bhavya argue. Bhavya tells Rudra to move into the guest room. Next day morning, Shivaay plans for a function to give time to Bhavya to investigate Svetlana’s room. Svetlana feels happy to be back in Oberoi Mansion and instigates Tej. Svetlana says she wants something from Oberoi Mansion. Tej sees a key in Svetlana’s hand and tries to find about it. Svetlna keeps the key safely, Tej sees it. 


Shivaay organizes for Love Antakshari function where Antakshari is played only with love songs to bring out the feelings through songs.


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