Ishqbaaz Written Episode 18 August 2017, Ishqbaaz Written Update

Star Plus Ishqbaaz 18th August 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaz 18 August 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz 18 August 2017 episode starts with Shivaay getting angry with Anika over wearing Vikram’s ring, Shivaay proposes Ragini, Anika gets shocked. Some time back… Gauri reminds Omkara about their plan. Anika and Shivaay come for the Sangeet in a confused state. Shivika assume that Gauri knows that wedding is canceled, Shivika decide to enjoy the wedding and later inform their decision to everyone. Shivaay and Anika compliment each other, Ragini and Vikram take Shivaay and Anika respectively with them. Gauri indicates to start the music, Anika tries to tell Vikram about the wedding cancellation, Vikram cannot hear her due to loud music. Gauri instigates Shivaay, Ragini pulls Shivaay for dance, Vikram cannot understand Anika’s words. Vikram dances with Anika, Ragini with Shivaay, Shivika get restless.

Omkara takes Gauri’s hand and dances with her. Shivaay and Anika come face to face, Shivaay takes Anika’s hand, both share a close dance, Anika gets emotional, Shivaay wipes her tear. Ragini and Vikram pull Shivaay and Anika for dance. Anika loses her balance, Vikram holds her, Shivaay goes to Anika and Vikram and calls Anika but before Shivaay can react, Ragini pulls him back. Ragini shows Shivaay’s engagement ring to Shivaay, he gets shocked. Ragini tells Shivaay that it was thrown outside, Shivaay sees Anika’s ring, Ragini instigates Shivaay against Anika.

Shivaay goes to Anika with anger and walks away, Anika remains shocked. Gauri and Omkara remain shocked too. Anika follows Shivaay. Anika questions Shivaay, he accuses Anika of throwing his engagement ring, Anika gets shocked. Anika tries to explain, Shivaay refuses to believe her. Shivaay tells Anika that Ragini found his ring. Shivaay says he wanted to trust Anika, but she ruins his trust every time. Shivaay says she wants him to crawl in front of her and hence she is doing the wedding drama. Anika gets furious and says she is tired of his attitude. Shivaay takes off his engagement ring given by Anika. Anika tells Shivaay to put the ring for Ragini to make the equation equal. Shivaay says he is going to propose to Ragini, Anika tries to warn Shivaay and Shivaay says it’s ok if Anika marries Vikram. Shivaay says he is going to prepare for his wedding with Ragini, Anika agrees in anger, Shivaay and Anika call the contractors and arrange for their weddings. Shivaay sees Ragini and proposes Ragini for marriage, Anika gets shocked and shattered, Ragini agrees happily. Vikram comes to Anika, she prepones the wedding, Shivaay prepones the wedding and decides the date within four days, Anika prepones, Shivaay prepones wedding in 2 days. Bajrangi tells Rudra to sell Lachi to him. Rudra gets angry but remembers Bhavya’s words and walks away without any reaction. Gauri and Omkara realize the goof up. Gauri gets worried, annoyed Omkara teases Gauri. Rudra gets angry over the racket, Bhavya tries to calm him. Rudra realizes that Bhavya’s life is in danger along with other girls. Gauri updates Rudra with the happenings, Rudra gets worried. Rudra and Gauri realize that Ragini replaced Anika’s ring. Ragini expresses her happiness to Vikram and breaks a vase, Vikram gets surprized. Ragini thinks that now nothing can go wrong. Bhavya and Gauri discuss Ragini, Rudra hears it, they realize Ragini is a psycho. Jhanvi gets scared, Tej says Naren is dead already. Bajrangi comes to meet Rudra again, Rudra says he is ready to sell Lachi, Bajrangi gets happy. Jhanvi thinks Tej killed Naren. Rudra and Bhavya keep an eye on Bajrangi as he tries to get close to a girl for putting Mehendi. Bajrangi calls Lachi for Mehendi, Bhavya comes, Rudra keeps an eye, Bajrangi tries to take Bhavya’s hand, Rudra stops him. A big van comes, Sultan gets down, Rudra and Bhavya get shocked.

Ishqbaaz 19 august 2017 Precap:

Anika tells Gauri that Shivaay should do something but he is not doing anything, Shivaay sees his engagement ring intensely.

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