Ishqbaaz Written Episode 18 May 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 18th May 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaaz 18.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Ishqbaaz 18 May 2017 episode starts with Anika asking Shivaay about the DNA test result. Anika gets stunned looking at the report, Shivaay says it’s a match. Some time back… Nayantara pushes Pinky, Anika supports Pinky, Pinky starts crying loudly and makes drama.

Anika scolds Nayantara and refuses to listen to Nayantara. Pinky smirks at Nayantara. Nayantara tries to tell Anika about Pinky, Anika refrains. Anika throws Nayantara out of Oberoi Mansion. Pinky smiles at Nayantara. Anika apologizes to Pinky over Nayantara. Pinky starts taunting Anika over Nayantara. Anika tells Pinky that Nayantara is not her mother. Shivaay comes, Anika questions Shivaay about the report, Anika checks the report herself and gets shocked, Shivaay says it’s a match. Pinky gets pleasantly shocked. Shivaay tells Anika that Nayantara is her mother.
Anika refuses to accept the report and gets emotional. Shivaay consoles Anika, Shivaay hugs Anika as Anika cries. Pinky  feels happy feeling that soon Shivaay will throw Anika out. Pinky starts taunting Anika, Shivaay stops Pinky. Shivaay declares that Nayantara will stay in Oberoi Mansion, Nayantara enters. Pinky and Anika get shocked. Pinky tries to stop Shivaay, Shivaay refuses to listen to Pinky and tells Pinky to respect Nayantara. Shivaay leaves, Nayantara taunts Pinky, Pinky gets furious. Nayantara smirks. Anika cries looking at the report, Shivay comes.

Anika once again questions Shivaay thinking it is Shivaay’s plan. Shivaay tells Anika to accept and face the truth. Shivaay walks of. Anika thinks that Nayantara cannot be her mother and cries bitterly. Shivaay looks at Anika from the door and gets emotional. Nayantara criticizes the food, Pinky comes and insults Nayantara. Nayantara tells Pinky to prepare food for her, Pnky gets furious. Nayantara taunts and insults Pinky. Pinky tries to hurt Nayantara, Nayantara calls Shivaay and instigates him over Pinky. Shivaay tells Pinky to cook something for Nayantara as she is a guest. Pinky gets shocked and starts screaming at Shivaay. Pinky walks off and Nayantara laughs. Shivaay kicks the chair and screams at Nayantara. Shivaay asks Nayantara about Sahil’s whereabouts. Flashback is shown where Sahil tells Shivaay on phone to save him. Shivaay questions Nayantara, she starts laughing at Shivaay. Nayantara tells Shivaay that Sahil is fine, and will be fine, till the time Shivaay listens to Nayantara. 


Anika sees the DNA report says NO MATCH, Anika wonders why Shivaay is saying that the report matches, why is Shivaay lying.

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