Ishqbaaz Written Episode 25 August 2017 Ishqbaz Written Update

Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz 25 August 2017 Written Update, Ishqbaz 25th August 2017 Episode Written Update

Today’s (25.08.2017) Ishqbaaz episode starts with Ragini asks Anika to create any drama and to get married to Vikram as soon as possible.  Suddenly Vikram’s men come and tell him that there are a few people who have come to play music in his marriage. The entire music band enters the wedding venue and Anika knows in her heart that it is Shivaay and his team who is here to rescue her. Shivaay gets into a fight with Vikram and finally manages to save Anika. He gets Ragini arrested this time to make sure that she doesn’t create any more nuisance in his life.

After shivaay rescues on a car he gets into a fight with her once again he asks her why she was ready to get married to Vikram when he kept the ring on the poolside.  Anika tells him that she didn’t find any ring there. Suddenly Bhavya comes and tells them that she found a knickers ring in Vikram’s pocket. Shivaay and Anika finally believe that they both want to stay married to each other.

Shivaay brings Anika home along with Rudra and Omkar. Pinky gets shocked to see that she was holding Anika in his arms. She asks everyone what is happening and Rudra tells her that the two love birds got back together once again. He tells Pinky that Anika is back as their bhabhi and will now live with them.

Shivaay takes Anika into her room and asks her one more time about the truth she has been hiding. Anika requests Shivaay that he should let the truth go for her. Shivaay says that if she can leave him for his sake then he too can let the truth go for her sake. When Anika leaves Pinky finds her and tells her that she can’t be back in the Oberoi house. She tells Anika that she will go to Shivaay right now and tell him the truth of his birth. When Anika stops him, Shivaay comes and asks her what is it that she can’t tell him. Pinky quickly makes an excuse and diverts Shivaay’s mind.

Shivaay once again tries to recall what Anika told him that night. He recalls that Anika told him the entire truth but the bits and pieces are missing in his mind. He decides to find the truth on his own.

On the other side, Tej goes inside a house to get help for his flat tire. There he finds Svetlana and she tells him that she was behind all this. Tej tries to strangle her but she says that if she will die, all the proofs she had against him will reach the police. Svetlana takes Tej with him and Jhanvi starts her search for Tej. A man tells Jhanvi that he has seen Tej in a small restaurant. When Jhanvi reaches there, she gets shocked to see Tej in a different avatar. He tells Jhanvi that he is not Tej and is the owner of a restaurant. He tells Jhanvi that his name is Peter D’Souza. He tells Jhanvi that he has a wife and she turns out to be Svetlana. Jhanvi gets shocked to see both of them pretending to be some one else.

Ragini decides to commit suicide after Shivaay leaves her. Vikram saves her and promises her that he will help her in getting married to Shivaay.

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